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Stephon Gilmore, Jayson Tatum swap jerseys

The two Boston all-stars swapped jerseys in mutual appreciation. 

It's been said before, but it's worth repeating: the respect and admiration between Boston athletes is something special. It's what makes Boston a truly incredible sports city.

That was proven yet again on Tuesday.

Though there will be no sitting court-side at Celtics games for Patriots players any time soon because of the pandemic, it hasn't stopped communication between the two groups of athletes.

A jersey swap doesn't look like it used to, but Stephon Gilmore and Jayson Tatum figured it out. On Instagram, both guys shared pictures of the other's jersey, signed and delivered, in a show of respect.

Tatum posted a picture of a signed No. 24 jersey, which Gilmore signed. It reads: "JT, Keep being great. Big fan." In return, Gilmore got a signed Tatum jersey with an absolutely perfect message.

"Find Gilmore and go somewhere else. Big time. Keep being great bro!"

That couldn't be a more fitting motto for the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. You can check out the jersey swap in the tweet below.

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