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Tennis player goes on blind date after Super Bowl bet

Genie Bouchard learned firsthand to never bet against the Patriots -- even when they look down for the count.

The tennis player was rooting on Atlanta during the Super Bowl, and when things looked like they had gotten away from the Patriots, she took a bet she never thought she'd lose. A Twitter follower proposed that if the Patriots ended up winning, the two would go on a date. 

She agreed.

And then when, against all odds, Tom Brady and Co. made a comeback for the ages, Genie accepted defeat with grace, and on Wednesday night, she made good on her promise. 

She took her blind date, a fellow named John from Chicago, took a Nets game in New York, and it looked like they had a fun time. While it made for funny exchanges on Twitter and a great story for both to tell, Genie learned a valuable lesson that she shared with her followers: "Never make a bet against Tom Brady."


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