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Tom Brady Locker Room Interview

Q: Can you talk a little about the Kansas City defense?

TB: They do a bunch of different things and they are pretty good at it. They are very good on third downs. Just watching them today, they present some tough problems. It is going to be a tough week for us, a totally different week than last week.

Q: How important is it for you guys to stay on the field and keep their offense off the field?

TB: That is important. Their offense is one of the best in the league. They have proven that year after year after year. It is going to be important for us to try to stay on the field. Anytime you play a really good offense, the best way to defend them is to keep them on the bench. We are going to need to do a good job running the ball, but the problem is they play the run really well. On early downs they get you in a lot of long-yardage situations. I think they lead the league in negative plays rushing and they are very good on third down. It is not very easy. It is going to be tough. We have our hands full.

Q: Offensively do you have to focus more of a ball control style of play than you have at other times this year?

TB: Last week, I think we controlled it pretty well. We had the ball like 80-something plays and they [Buffalo] had it for 40. That was important and a big part of us winning that game. That is going to be important this week. A lot of it comes down to making the plays that are there. Last week we missed some plays that we are all frustrated about, especially me. Those are the things that are going to need to improve. We are going to try to keep improving.

Q: When you evaluate a team that is 3-6, but has beaten the likes of Indianapolis and Baltimore, do you focus on those tapes and what they can do to you as opposed to looking at their record?

TB: Of course. Coach had said something like they are almost better in every statistical category this year compare to last year and they are 3-6. Last year at this time they were 9-0. They can really score a bunch of points and defensively they are getting better. They have beat some very good teams, the Colts and Baltimore and Atlanta who is another very good team. They destroyed Atlanta. They can really play. They have lost a lot of tough games. Even the games they have lost, they have been ahead or tied in the fourth quarter. It is not like they are getting blown out in any of these games. They are very good. They have some great offensive players that keep their defense off the field and keep them rested. Their defensive players are very talented. They have some guys who are very good playmakers.

Q: What do you remember about the meeting with the Chiefs in 2002?

TB: That was a high scoring game. I think we went into overtime. I think we were fortunate enough to win that one. We came off the field saying, 'I'm glad they didn't get the ball again.' They scored with just a couple of seconds left to go in the game to tie it. It was a tough, tough game. We hate to have those games where it is 41-38. We have to keep them much lower than that. We have to keep those points down a little bit. It is going to require that our offense play well.

Q: Are you guys where you want to be at this juncture in the season?

TB: I think we are always trying to improve. We really are. We have won the last couple of weeks and we have won more convincing than a few of our other wins this year. Believe it or not, you look at the tape and we are disappointed that we didn't make a lot of the plays that were there. Not that you come out of any game saying you played perfect, but that is the goal. There are still a lot of things that I think we can improve on. We are getting some tough looks from some defenses that we are not expecting sometimes and we have to figure out a way when we do get those looks to still go out and execute.

Q: Physically do you find that you are hurting more this year compared to other years?

TB: Maybe I am getting older. I'm feeling a little more of these bumps and bruises. I'm feeling pretty good.

Q: When people talk about Kansas City, they always mention their offense. This their defense underrated?

TB: They are very good in some facets and I'm sure there are some things that they would like to do better. Last year they were 9-0. They were in the playoffs last year and lost a tough game to Indy. They are a playoff-caliber team. They have probably the best offense in the league. Defensively, you watch their tapes and it doesn't look like they are getting the bounces they got last year.

Q: Why do you think it is so tough to win in Arrowhead?

TB: I have never been there, but I have heard quite a bit about it. Christian [Fauria] played there a bunch. We have had some guys who have played there. It is very loud. I guess the fans are right on top of you. It is an intimidating place. It is similar to a place like Buffalo, which is another really tough place to play, and the Meadowlands. We have played in some tough places. It is going to be tough, but at the same time we have to go out there and still try to execute on our stuff the best we can.

Q: What did you and David Letterman talk about?

TB: I didn't do a lot of talking. I was throwing footballs at cabs and embarrassing myself.

Q: What was your completion percentage?

TB: It was poor. We wouldn't be winning any games if I was throwing the ball like that.

Q: How fast were the cabs going?

TB: I was surprised. Pretty quick.

Q: Faster than Bethel [Johnson]?

TB: About that fast. The only reason I am completing those passes is because my receivers have arms. Those cabs don't have any arms.

Q: Do you expect to make an appearance on the Monday Night Football open this week? Any actresses going to be near your locker?

TB: That was unbelievable when I saw it. It is getting a lot of attention, as it probably should. I don't know. Anything to get people to watch the game, I guess. You think the football would be good enough to get people to watch. They don't need to promote it that way. I think it is them trying to get more viewers.

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