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Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference Transcript

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady addresses the media during his postgame press conference on Saturday, January 11, 2014.


Q: **So you're in the locker room talking to Charles Barkley. What does he have to say?

TB: I've known him for a while, so it was good to see him. I'm glad he came and brought us some good luck. It was a great win. It was great to be a part of a team win like that. Everybody contributed. The games only get bigger, so it will be a fun week to get ready. You don't take it for granted and try to go play our best game next weekend.

Q:Did you ever think you'd be in a game where you had six rushing touchdowns?

TB: That was amazing. We keep handing it off and those guys just run so hard and do such a great job running and finding the holes where they can just slice through there and gain as many yards as they can. It was pretty cool.

Q: You guys are always the 'Next Man Up' mentality. You stepped in at holder. Stephen Gostkowksi was saying he was a little nervous because you guys had never worked together before. What did you think about stepping in?

TB: It's been a while since I've done that. I was happy to help the team. Maybe I'll try renegotiating my contract or something for doing more work.

Q:When was the last time you held?

TB: I think it was when I played in the Orange Bowl 14 or 15 years ago. I don't even do it in practice. They said, 'Get in there and do it,' and I said, 'What do I say?' But we figured it out.

Q:How does it feel to be a game manager?

TB: It was good. We keep playing like that, the way our defense is getting the ball for us, and really what we've done the last three or four weeks, the running game has just been awesome. It's helped everything out. And it does, it makes it easy when you hand it off and it goes 70 yards for a touchdown. That's a great feeling and great way to score. Hopefully we keep doing it. Hopefully we can do it next week too.

Q:What can you say about your defense who has lost so many players to IR, but stepped up with a bunch of turnovers today?

TB: Yeah they got some great turnovers and certainly the one early in the game set the tone for us. Alfonzo [Dennard] made a great play. And yeah, we've lost a lot of players. I think a lot of guys have gained some experience over the year. We're trying to play our best football and today was a decent job.

Q:Did you get a chance to see some of the throws Andrew Luck was making out there and did you get a sense for what a special player he is?

TB: Sure, yeah. I mean, he played great. He threw the ball great. He moves, he runs, he's strong, he's got a great arm. Obviously the team believes in him. I though he played really well.

Q:You had that 53-yard throw to Danny Amendola when you guys were backed up there. Can you take us through what you saw on that and how play action contributed there?

TB: Yeah, it was a pretty hard-sell run that we ran there. Because we were running the ball so well, maybe that got a little reaction and Danny got behind him. It was good to come out of the 10-yard line, they kicked us back there. We returned it to the 11-yard line or something, so to really get out of our own shadow of our goalposts and get into their territory was a good play.

Q:Is play action working better recently based on how well you guys are running the ball?

TB: It's hard to – I don't know. I'd have to really see it and think about it. We could be certainly more productive in the passing game, so we'll try to be.

Q:Can you talk about the commitment to the running game, particularly when you guys have been ahead in the last half of the season?

TB: It's really been a strength of ours all season – the way our running backs have played and the way our offensive line performs. It's hard – you get in these conditions and like we did against Buffalo when the elements played a part and tonight when they played a little bit of a part, to have that running game be as efficient as we've been to get big play after big play has been great.

Q:How big of a part did the weather conditions play in the game?

TB: They weren't bad. Nothing like Buffalo, so it was pretty mild today.

Q:Can you talk about advancing to the AFC Championship game again and how hard it is to get there.

TB: Yeah, it's just a great achievement for our team. There are only going to be four teams standing after tomorrow. I know people have counted us out at times during this year but I think we have a locker room full of believers, so hopefully we can go out and play our best next week.

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