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Tom vs. Time 3: Julian, Danny and teammate relationships

This episode takes us into what the bond between Tom Brady and his receivers looks like.

"Tom vs. Time: The Social Game" premiered on Tuesday afternoon, and the third episode of Tom Brady's docu-series explored his relationship with his teammates.

The episode pulls back the curtain on how some of Tom's receivers earn Tom's trust, especially Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman. The trio spent time this offseason training in Montana, and while they had their fun golfing, riding mountain bikes and (what looked like) throwing rocks off the top of a mountain, the guys worked hard. 

"I think team sports bring in humility because I know I'm nothing without the guys that I play with. Your role is very fragile," Tom said. "Your role really only is important if the other guys can come up with the plays." 

This overlaid with scenes of Tom and Julian chirping with each other on the practice field exemplifies how dynamic their relationships are. They push each other to be better on the field to the point of getting chippy, yet when they step away it's light-hearted and fun. These moments away from the football field are ones Patriots fans won't want to miss. 

There is one off-the-field moment that is the cause of some slight tension. As Tom gets treatment, he and Julian get into it about the benefits of pliability vs. lift weights. 

"I've been hearing this for [expletive] eight years. Eight years," Julian said. "We've been in an argument for eight years."

Aside from the antics of Tom, Julian and Danny, the episode follows the Patriots who, after a rocky start, are rolling through the middle of the season. Again, reflecting on his teammates, Tom explains that it doesn't matter what you did before. It only matters what you do right now. 

"You're all the same when you're out on the field. No one gives a [expletive] what I've done. They want me to do it now, the same way that I want them to do it now. I don't care if they won the Heisman. I don't care if they went to Michigan or Alabama," Tom said. "Now they're a Patriot and I need them to do a job. I've been able to work with a lot of guys and [Julian and Danny] are so committed to me, and I think that reflects when we play in the biggest games and who gets the ball." 

This installment is a great one. Watch the full episode below.

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