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Tom vs. Time 4: Brady family matters

The fourth episode of Tom vs. Time shines a light on Tom's family and the sacrifices made to pursue his dream.

We've seen the physical, mental and social sides of Tom Brady so far in "Tom vs. Time," and on Thursday, fans got to see the most important part of Tom's life: his family. 

The episode explores the familial dynamics that are so important to Tom and his career, yet are complicated because of his dedication to his football career. 

Whether it is his kids, his wife, his sisters or his parents, Tom and his family have had to find ways to make it work, even with his demanding schedule. Through sit downs with the filmmakers, Tom gave truthful accounts of how difficult it can be to find balance.

"The hard part I think for me still playing is that my kids are getting older, and I'm not available for them. Things still revolve around my schedule, my day," Tom said. "It's hard because so much is about their dad's life, and their dad's life is great but it's just their dad's life. It's not their lives. It's a bit challenging and you're always juggling what the right balance is."

In the episode, we see Tom and his oldest son Jack's trip to China over the offseason as well as his parent's home in California. From the Great Wall to San Mateo, it's all family, all the time. 

The cameras are even rolling as Tom video chats with Robert Kraft, and Mr. Kraft lets Tom's mom Galynn she would be receiving a Super Bowl ring. 

With Galynn battling cancer, last season meant even more to Tom and his family. His parents, who typically attend games throughout the season, weren't able to travel because of Galynn's treatment.

"I wanted to make sure that when they couldn't support me, I was there to support them," Tom said. "I told my mom, 'Don't you worry. I'm going to get you to Houston.' She was able to be there so it made the win even more special."

The episode goes even further into Tom's family life and the sacrifices they all have had to make for his career. It is a personal and honest take, and Patriots fans won't want to miss it. Check out the full episode of "Tom vs. Time" below.

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