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Transcript: Shane Vereen Interview

b>Q: What do you think so far?

SV: [It's] very exciting. Everything is everything that I pictured it to be and more. I'm just all-in-all excited to be here. I'm just happy with the situation.

Q: What were your travel plans? You were coming all the way from California, right?

SV: Yeah, after I got the call that they were going to draft me, I packed and I headed to the airport, and I got on the redeye. I got here at 5:00 this morning.

Q: Coffee drinker?

SV: No, I might need to start though.

Q: Who have you gotten a chance to meet with?

SV: I met with Coach [Ivan] Fears, the running back coach, [and] numerous coaches. I met with coach [Bill] Belichick, and I've just been shown around the facilities and everything like that.

Q: What did you know about this place and the coaches before you got here? And what do you think now?

SV: Before, coming from the West Coast, we don't really see the Patriots too much on TV, but obviously their reputation speaks for itself - everything that they've accomplished in the past years. So, I knew I was coming into a very professional organization, if you will. And I knew that I was going to have to handle myself in such a way.

Q: You're a track guy, is that right?

SV: I ran in high school, and I ran once in college.

Q: What did you run and how fast were you?

SV: I ran the 100 and the 4 x 100. And the in 100, I think my best time was 10.6 that season.

Q: Stevan Ridley said yesterday that you guys got to know each other through the process. What can you tell me about him?

SV: I know him. I've learned from him off the field just talking to him, just getting to know him in that way. I really don't know too much about him on the field. I've seen him play a couple of times, watching LSU play. But other than that, I know he's a nice guy, good guy, and I'm looking forward to playing with him.

Q: Is there a lot of pride at Cal watching Aaron Rodgers win the Super Bowl?

SV: That definitely adds to it. But being a running back from Cal, there's a lot of pride in that as well because so many running backs form Cal have done well in the league. And I think that just speaks to the good job that Cal has done.

Q: Are you looking forward to the cold winters?

SV: Yeah, I'm going to get used to it. I've never really known anywhere other than California, so I'm actually excited to finally move out of California and be in a new place. I hear Boston is great. I'm looking forward to it.

Q: Have you spent any time here before? Or is this your first time?

SV: Not in Boston, no. I've been to New York once. And then we played in Maryland two years ago. Those were my only two times on the East Coast.

Q: Were you a big football fan growing up and who did you root for?

SV: Huge football fan. I was always a 49ers fan growing up as a little kid, but now I'm a Patriots fan.

Q: You know there is a quarterback here who fits that same description.

SV: Yeah, I've heard about him. Yeah, I watched the special ["The Brady 6"] that he had on ESPN not too long ago. Yeah, it's kind of funny how it works out though.

Q: What did you think of that special?

SV: It was great. I didn't know all that. It's just funny how things work out. He's a hard worker, and I'm looking very forward to working with him.

Q: When you met with coach Fears today, did you get a playbook, did you discuss the team, and how did it go?

SV: Well, because of the situation the NFL is in, we weren't able to talk football at all. So, all we really talked about is who I am as a person, my family, his family. Just getting to know each other.

Q: How long of a meeting was that?

SV: Not too sure. Couple of minutes here and there, then we walked around for a little bit. I couldn't tell you the time though.

Q: So, since you're not allowed here with no rookie camp or whatever, what are you going to do?

SV: I'm going to see what I can do to meet the other guys on the team - some guys that are in my area, maybe not in my area. I want to get to know the team. I want to get to know my teammates, and just continue to prepare myself.

Q: Are you just working out on your own?

SV: Yeah, I've been working out on my own. Gets kind of lonely, so I'm probably going to try and contact some of the guys, see what I can do, get a workout partner going just to get things rolling.

Q: What do you know about the running backs here?

SV: I definitely know who the running backs here have been, starting with Kevin Faulk. I watched him growing up. Danny Woodhead and BenJarvus Green-Ellis did a great job last year. And I know Sammy Morris is here. Fred Taylor, also. I know the backs here are very successful, and they show it on film.

Q: People have talked about you possibly being the next Kevin Faulk. Do you feel that way at all?

SV: Whatever role they ask me to play, I'll be more than happy to do. I've always looked to myself to be a back who can do all things and hopefully that fits the mold.

Q: What about off the field? Any interesting hobbies or things you do or things you like?

SV: Nothing too interesting because I do so much with football. I just like to chill when I get home, play video games a lot. But other than that, nothing too much.

Q: Not long walks on the beach?

SV: I'm not that California.

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