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Under the helmet

Throughout the season, we conducted offbeat interviews with players regarding a wide variety of on the field and off the field topics.  The following are some of the best responses to our queries.

ANDRÉ DAVIS - The original Mario Brothers. I used to spend hours playing that game. I didn't have all the codes and secrets at the beginning. I played it the old-fashioned way.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MATERIAL POSSESSION?LOGAN MANKINS - That's a tough one. Probably my belt buckle from the biggest roping event that I won. They give it out to the first place team. I won it when I was 16 years old.

MATT CASSEL - My shoes. I have to wear them everyday. I need something that is comfortable, but at the same time looks good.

THIS IS YOUR FIRST YEAR WITH THE PATRIOTS. WHAT MAKES THE ORGANIZATION SO SUCCESSFUL?TIM DWIGHT - It's the unity with guys depending on each other and being close. There is not a lot of animosity in the locker room. The players here just want to win.

MIKE WRIGHT - I think everyone has a common goal and that is to be the best they can be. Collectively that comes together as being a great team. Everyone does their part and job and that is what makes this organization so great.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CONCERT THAT YOU HAVE ATTENDED?ARTRELL HAWKINS - A Michael Jackson concert in Pittsburgh in 1988. I was in eighth grade. We sent in for tickets and when we got them back we had third row in the center. My brother,my sister,my cousin and I all got a chance to go on stage and dance during the concert.

WHAT WAS YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT IN SPORTS?ELLIS HOBBS - It happened last year.We had just beaten Kansas State, and I was about to go hug my mom. I still had my cleats on and I didn't know the surface was concrete. I slipped and fell in front of everybody. That was an embarrassing moment.

JAMES SANDERS - I was a receiver in sixth grade playing Pop Warner football. I ran a post route and as soon as I caught the ball I ran into the goalpost. It was a passing league so we had no pads on. I split my head open and had to get 15 stitches.

WHAT IS SOMETHING DIFFICULT ABOUT YOU THAT YOUR WIFE HAS TO PUT UP WITH?CHAD BROWN - I'm pretty good around the house. I don't leave my underwear hanging around, so I'm doing okay.

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