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UNH men's soccer team treated to flight on AirKraft to NCAA tournament game

The UNH men's soccer team got a lift from AirKraft to their NCAA Tournament game in Oregon this weekend. 

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The Patriots plane is on the move again, and this time, it touched down in Oregon for a big game on Sunday.

We know what you're thinking: Oregon doesn't have an NFL team. No, it sure doesn't, but there is still a big game for a New England team taking place this weekend. The University of New Hampshire men's soccer team is set to face Oregon State in the NCAA Tournament, and they got a lift from the local NFL team.

UNH is the No. 16 seed in the tournament taking on the top-ranked Oregon State. The stakes are high for the Wildcats, and with a cross-country flight looming, the team had trouble finding charter flights able to make the long trip.

With a home game for the Patriots this weekend, the team was able to help facilitate a charter on AirKraft, which was a huge help, UNH Head Coach Marc Hubbard said.

"I want to thank the Patriots organization for coming through when we were desperate to find a way to get out west as efficient as possible," Hubbard said. "Travel has never made me feel so energized and we have no excuses to compete with everything we have on Sunday. The Patriot Way has given us a better chance to succeed and we are proud to represent all of New England and what that means this weekend."

For the players, it is the cherry on top of the hard work they've put in thus far this season. Midfielder Adam Savill said the trip itself is a huge deal, but to also have the support of the entire organization means a great deal.

"It's one thing getting to play in the NCAA Tournament and fly to the West Coast, but to fly in such style on the New England Patriots plane is something truly special. It'll be an experience all of us will never forget," he said. "To have the support of the Patriots and New England is amazing and on behalf of the players I'd like to thank the New England Patriots for helping us get to Oregon and the aircraft staff who sacrificed some of their holidays to get us there safely. Go Pats! Go Revs!"

UNH takes on Oregon State on Nov. 28 at 9 p.m. EST.

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