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Articles - April 2002

Published On Title
2002-04-01 Update: Allocation cut in Europe
2002-04-02 Update: No compensation for Pats
2002-04-02 A beautiful day
2002-04-03 Report: Deal reached with Knight
2002-04-03 Pats sign free agents Steve Martin and Ryan Phillips; Waive two others
2002-04-03 This receiving group to catch on
2002-04-03 Eagles Green runs to head of class
2002-04-03 Deep crop at TE draft day rarity
2002-04-04 Update: Knight deal official, Wiggins re-signed
2002-04-04 Pats sign CB Tom Knight; Re-sign TE Jermaine Wiggins
2002-04-04 Meg Vaillancourt named Vice President for Corporate and Community Affairs
2002-04-08 Update: Pats could get defensive in draft
2002-04-09 Update: McCready itching to go
2002-04-09 Super Bowl kicker meets his heroes
2002-04-10 Update: Andruzzi to be honored overseas
2002-04-11 Update: Coach not expecting deal before draft
2002-04-11 Bill Belichick Press Conference
2002-04-12 Update: Draft prospectus at QB, RB
2002-04-15 Update: McCready explodes in Europe opener
2002-04-15 Update: WR a likely target
2002-04-16 Update: Line-up of possibilities
2002-04-17 Update: Pats won't get cornered in draft
2002-04-17 Report: Phifer to join Raiders
2002-04-18 Linebacker could be an issue in draft
2002-04-19 Source: Bills sent offer for Bledsoe
2002-04-19 Pats re-sign free agent OL Grant Williams and Grey Ruegamer
2002-04-19 Williams, Ruegamer re-sign
2002-04-20 Patriots trade up
2002-04-20 Graham the right move
2002-04-20 Pats Branch out in Round Two
2002-04-20 Deion Branch Press Conference
2002-04-20 Daniel Graham Press Conference
2002-04-20 Bill Belichick Press Conference
2002-04-21 Pats Branch out with Louisville 
2002-04-21 LSU pair drafted in fourth
2002-04-21 Bledsoe traded
2002-04-21 Rohan Davey Conference Call Transcript
2002-04-21 Jarvis Green Conference Call Transcript
2002-04-21 Bill Belichick Post-Draft Press Conference Transcript
2002-04-21 Bledsoe will be missed
2002-04-22 Natural leader added as reserve QB
2002-04-22 Green latest product of connection
2002-04-22 Pats hope for déjà vu with Womack
2002-04-22 Givens a possible late-round gem
2002-04-22 Grading out the draft
2002-04-22 Statement from Drew Bledsoe on joining the Bills
2002-04-22 Scott Pioli Conference Call Transcript
2002-04-22 Willie McGinest Conference Call Transcript
2002-04-22 Applewhite to join Patriots
2002-04-23 Phillips falling into place
2002-04-25 Graham stops by CMGI
2002-04-26 Pats sign three free agents
2002-04-26 Transcript: Bill Belichick Press Conference
2002-04-26 Rookies get first workout
2002-04-27 Camp winds down
2002-04-27 Transcript: Bill Belichick Press Conference
2002-04-29 Kelly ready for return to the game
2002-04-30 Roster filled with depth, experience