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10 Questions with Patriots Cheerleader Maddy


*1. Favorite book?  * 
"The Other Boleyn Girl" 

*2. Favorite movie?   *
"Practical Magic" 

*3. Favorite Pats Player? *  
Marcus Cannon - Go Frogs!

*4. Go-to Pre game meal?  * 
I usually have a combination of snacks like a Quest bar, yogurt and granola, banana and peanut butter and some other fruit. 

*5. Go-to Dunkin order?   *
Water … I am loyal to Starbucks

*6. Favorite Candy?   *

*7. Go-to workout song?  * 
"679" by Fetty Wap

*8. Favorite musician? *  
Blake Shelton 

*9. Most proud of?   *
Passing the RD (Registered Dietitian) Exam

*10. If you could visit anywhere? *  
New Zealand 

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