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10 Questions with Patriots Cheerleader Victoria

We asked Patriots Cheerleader Victoria some quick-hit questions.


*1. Favorite book?  * 
Breakfast with Buddha

2. Favorite movie?   
Garden State

*3. Favorite Pats Player?  * 
Danny Amendola

4. Favorite Pats Moment?   
Cheering in the cold during the AFC playoff game against the Ravens this past season. That was a nail biter!

5. Go-to Pre game meal?   
Any wrap or salad from Trader Joe's

*6. Go-to Neflix show?   *
I haven't seen any series that were made specifically for Netflix, but I love to

*7. Favorite Candy?   *
Twizzlers or grape-flavored Airheads

8. Go-to workout song?    
"Wild Boy" by MGK

9. Most proud of?   
Bringing my college dance team to their first UDA national championship my senior year.

10. If you could visit anywhere?    
I would take a tour around the United Kingdom and see where my family lived in Ireland and England.

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