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2014 Patriots Cheerleading Squad Announced


The Patriots Cheerleaders' audition process began in February with an optional workshop, followed by preliminary and final auditions, interviews and a two-week boot camp. Today, May 3, we are proud to announce the 2014 squad, to include 17 veterans and 11 rookies. The Patriots Cheerleaders will jump right into their season activities, preparing for the May Junior Patriots Cheerleaders clinics at Gillette Stadium and June calendar and video shoot in Cancun, Mexico. 2014 Patriots Cheerleading Squad

Mary Babbitt
Kelly Bennion
Zoe Bucuvalas
Brittany Bonchuk
Erica Cadigan
Brittany Dickie
Lasondra Greene
Leigha Marie Hervey
Jacqueline Jamiel
Hannah LeBeau
LisaMarie Iannuzzi
Camille Kostek
Karen Link
Kikco McMahan
Alyssa Merkle
Michelle Nigro
Jensine Rich
Melanie Sanches
Lauren Schneider
Kristen Sherrerd
Allison Smedley
Amber Smith
Amanda Soucy
Victoria Spadaro
Stefani Swaim
Alexandria Stavropoulos
Megan Swain
Madelyn Wilson

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