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AUDIO: Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference - 11/25/2010

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addresses the media during his postgame press conference on Thanksgiving, November 25, 2010.

Opening Statement:"We showed some resiliency. I think coming out in the second half and playing the way we did - the crowd was really into it. I think Devin's interception was a huge play in the game. We executed much better in the second half, so great for everybody."

On the touchdown pass to Deion Branch:"He was supposed to run an in-cut and the guy was sitting on it. He threw his hand up and I laid it out there for him. He made a great run after catch. Certainly it's not how we drew it up, but it's just a great play by a great player."

On how they flipped the switch at halftime:"I think once the speed of the game calmed down a little bit and we could get it under control, we did a great job. That's a hell of a pass rushing team.(with) Vanden Bosch, Avril, Suh on the inside and Corey Williams."

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