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Bill O'Brien Conference Call Transcript - 10/11/2011

Read what Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien had to say as he addressed the media during his conference call on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.

Q: Can you talk about what you liked with your offense's performance against the Jets?  

BO: The biggest thing is, we as a staff really thought that the players did what we asked them to do which was play 60 minutes, play physical, not turn the ball over, which I know we did at the end of the half there at the two-minute drive. But we limited that - that was our only turnover. Try to limit the penalties, which we did have a couple false starts that I thought were not very good but overall did a decent job of that. They did what we asked them to do and we ended up coming out on top.  

Q: How does having Aaron Hernandez back in the lineup affect what you're able to do offensively?  

BO: Aaron is a good player, he's a smart player. He's got quickness, he's got decent hands and he can block. With him and Rob [Gronkowski] out there and the receiving corps the way it is, you have a good group of guys to work with.  

Q: How did you guys handle Aaron Hernandez's turnover? He said Tom Brady was pretty supportive but how do you guys as a staff address that knowing he has another 30 minutes to play?  

BO: At the end of the day, that wasn't a great play. It would have been a tough catch, the ball was a little high. Obviously, he felt like he should have come down with it and you just move on. He knows -he's a smart guy, an intelligent guy, he knows what he did wasn't the best. And he came out in the second half and kept playing. You can't dwell on it. You have to move onto the next play just like we're moving onto the next game right now. We're onto Dallas and that's what we're focused on right now is the Cowboys, not really thinking about the Jets anymore. That's the same thing that can be said for a poor play during the game.  

Q: After the game a lot of guys talked about being able to successfully run the four-minute offense at the end of the game. What are some of the elements to running a successful four-minute offense?  

BO: The biggest element is that you practice it every week. It's probably one of the biggest things that we all learn from Bill [Belichick] and how he runs the team is situational football and complementary football. That's one of the things that we practice every week along with the two-minute drill and different situations that may come up during the game. That's something that we do and try to get right every week.  

Q: What is the key toward making sure that DeMarcus Ware doesn't totally destroy your offensive game plan?  

BO: That's a great question. He's definitely a guy that can affect the game. He's having a really good year. They do a great job, Rob Ryan and his staff, do a great job of moving him around so you really can't get a beat on where he is. We're putting it together right now. We always talk on Tuesday at noon and that's when we're right in the middle of game planning and that's we're doing. We're just making sure we have a plan for knowing where he is and making sure that we have him accounted for.  

Q: He moves?  

BO: Oh yeah.  

Q: You guys and obviously other teams have gone to no-huddle for certain portions of the game and have had a lot of success. So many offensive signals can be handled with hand signals and changes at the line. Is the huddle that we saw teams use for as long as football has been around, are those huddles becoming not as important? What is the point of the huddle if so much can be done at the line?  

BO: That's kind of a two-part question. We've been running no-huddle offense here since long before I got here. It's always been a part of our offensive system here. It does require communication at the line and things like that. Then when you're changing in and out of personnel groups, a lot of times maybe you're huddling, maybe you're not huddling. There are reasons to huddle, there are reasons to not huddle. Again, it's just all about being as multiple as you can be and trying to keep the defense off-balance as much as you can. Playing at a fast-tempo is really just our philosophy. It's really Bill's [Belichick] philosophy as to how we want to play the game and that's what we try to do.  

Q: Is there any carryover from one Ryan brother's defense to the other Ryan brother's defense? Are there similarities there?  

BO: Obviously being brothers, they talk. There's a little bit of similarity. I would definitely say Rob is his own guy as far as being a coordinator. I don't know Rob personally at all, I'm just talking about him as a coordinator. He does a great job with what he's doing right now. They're the top ranked defense in a lot of categories, at least in the top-five in most. It's going to be a big challenge for us. It's a multiple defense, they do a lot of things. There's not going to be a lot of sleeping in Foxborough this week. We have a lot of work to do and make sure that we're ready to go on Sunday.

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