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Brandon King gives Bill Belichick fresh haircut for a cause

Barber/linebacker Brandon King got himself a new client: Bill Belichick. 

Getting a new client as a barber can surely be a trip. Will they like your work? Will chair chit chat be awkward?

Well, the Patriots resident roster barber, Brandon King, booked a new client that came with some added pressure: Bill Belichick. There's nothing like giving your boss a fresh cut to get the adrenaline going.

While of course Belichick walked away with a significant trim, he did it for a cause. Teaming up with King, Belichick participated in the "Saving by Shaving" fundraiser for Boston Children's Hospital.

"Happy to be here with Brandon King to get my hair cut for "Saving by Shaving and very proud to be a participant to support Boston Children's Hospital," Belichick said from a chair in the Patriots locker room. "Brandon, cut away."

With that, King got to work with a steady hand.

"Tough job trying to make me look good now," Belichick said. "It's not easy. There used to be more to cut off."

King didn't miss a beat.

"You got plenty, more than a lot of people, some guys on the team," he said.

With a razor in hand, King made quick work of Belichick's hair, and as clippings fell into his lap, Belichick couldn't help making a joke of his own.

"See these gray hairs there, Brandon? That's from third and long," he said.

You can check out the full video and Belichick's final hairstyle below.

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