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Buffalo Bills Postgame Quotes 12/1

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott, quarterback Josh Allen and select players comment on their game against the New England Patriots on Thursday, December 1, 2022.


Postgame Press Conference
Thursday, December 1, 2022

SM: Good to get a win. It's a hard place to win against a good football team, a well-coached football team. I thought the guys did a really good job of playing complementary football. Impressed by the leadership, the character of our football team and the stretch that we had over the last three games here. Glory to God for all of his blessings. With that I'll turn it over to you.

Q: 33 pass attempts, 37 rushing attempts; can you speak to that balance and how the team was able to execute?

SM: Yeah, I thought Coach Dorsey did a really good job of changing it up. When the run is working like it was at times, just being able to stick with it, and sometimes it wasn't, but it's going to happen like that, and just being able to stick with it, I thought he was very patient in that regard and the O-line I thought did a very good job up front. I thought we had a chance to get that last drive, get that first down there, but they moved the ball back to a second and short, then we got hit behind the line, but I thought overall the pad level of the offensive line I thought was very good.

Q: What was it about James Cook's week that caused you to get him more involved?

SM: You know, I don't think it was necessarily about his week, it was just overall his growth and seeing what he can do. I thought they did a good job offensively, Coach Skipper, of rotating different guys in there, and just wasn't all Motor [Devin Singletary]. I think that's a good thing there.

Q: 14 red zone snaps, you ran it nine times, counting two Josh Allen runs. When you can move it down there, that's kind of big for your offense, isn't it?

SM: Yeah, absolutely. Again, the offensive line, Coach Kromer, they've done a great job, and that's really where the game is won a lot of times. I thought they had a good plan coming in and executed.

Q: 6 out of 7 down there the last two weeks; do you feel like you've got some positive momentum down there in the red area?

SM: Yeah, we'll see. I'd rather 6 for 7 than 0 for 7. But those points are important, right. When you get the ball down there in the red zone, you've got to cash in, and we've done that the last couple of weeks.

Q: Keeping Kaiir Elam out tonight, what went into that decision?

SM: Just taking a look at what we had with X [Xavier Rhodes], and Tre has ramped up there a little bit, his rep count, and we'll watch the tape and see. The competition is good. It's healthy for all of us.

Q: What did you think of the pass protection, in particular with Matthew Judon and how good he had been coming into this game?

SM: Yeah, he's a special player. I'm not going to say his name right, but Uche, 55 there, he's also an elite pass rusher, so they do a great job coming off both edges. That's a tough tandem right there to block. I thought we did a good job in that regard. They got us one time before half there with the sack fumble, so just got to look back at that, as well.

Q: With Von Miller, you said you needed your pass rush to step up. What were your evaluations of that unit tonight, and just a comment on placing Von Miller on IR?

SM: Yeah, I just want to be smart with Von. Then with the guys that were out on the field tonight, I thought they did a good job. I thought the defense as a whole did a good job. We had that one play that got out on us right there, looked like a missed tackle, and that's always something we can improve on.

Q: At some point in time, did you and the coaching staff say, hey, for lack of a better term, let's put this game in a wrestling submission hold? You guys kind of choked the game out.

SM: I mean, that's a good defense. A really good defense. We knew it was going to be tough coming in here, and really proud of the guys the way that they were focused and executed.

Q: You've talked about Josh Allen over the last few weeks when he's made some errors in the red zone, and he makes that play today going out of bounds, crossing the body and hits the touchdown. Is that the other part with a guy like Josh, where he can make those plays and it's in his head when he's in that spot to make that kind of throw?

SM: Yeah, I wasn't looking. I closed my eyes when he did it. No, that's part of who he is. You know, the bottom line is you can't put the ball in trouble, in danger. I thought that was a well-calculated throw. It was open and he got it to him. You never take away Josh's instincts and his gut feel. He's got a great feel for things.

But at the end of the day, he knows we've got to continue to be smart with the football.

Q: What does a divisional win right now do for your momentum?

SM: Yeah, a divisional win is important. We knew coming in here it was going to be tough, like I said, against a good football team, and they're really well-coached and prepared every week. We're thankful to get a win. And in the division on top of that.

Q: To follow up on Von, you said you want to be smart, and obviously that's the focus of that decision, but he's on a podcast two nights before about wanting to come back for the Jets game and that sort of thing. What all went into that decision and what was your input?

SM: Yeah, I don't want to get too far into that. There's been a lot of conversations, and going down that rabbit hole, if you will, is not healthy for us right now, and just out of respect for Von and the team. I'd rather just talk about the guys that played their butts off out there and gave us great effort, and Von will go through the process here and we'll help him get as healthy as he can and go from there.


Postgame Press Conference
Thursday, December 1, 2022

Q: Get your victory Friday?

JA: Yeah, we got a few days off, a little mini-bye here, which is good timing for our guys, getting guys healthy, kind of a nice little reset as we move back home and we know we've got some divisional games coming up. We've got to put our best foot forward and try to find a way to win some football games here.

Q: Talk about the way you guys established the run, it was really probably the key to the game for you guys on offense?

JA: Yeah, I thought Dorsey did a good job of mixing those in. I thought Motor [Devin Singletary] and James [Cook] ran the ball extremely hard. We were skipping some third downs, which is always a plus, and then when we did have third downs, we were putting our noses down and going and getting it, being really physical, playing some physical football. Again, the more that we can get those guys going, it's going to open up so many more things for us.

Q: You talk about execution, that 15-play, 94-yard drive, how would you characterize the execution of play mix? That was a critical dominating drive.

JA: Yeah, again, anytime you can go 95 yards it's a plus. But when you do it that way and it's a long, sustaining drive, those ones feel really good. Those O-linemen, they love those types of drives where they can go in there and grind it out. Again, our guys, I thought we played really well tonight. Obviously only 24 points, but our defense played fantastic ball where we didn't feel like we had to press and make any mistakes. Obviously there's a few plays that we'd like to have back, but again, these are good wins, in division, away. It's hard to win in this league, so we'll learn from this one and move on.

Q: The touchdown to Gabe Davis, I know it happens fast, but was there any moment you hesitated about taking that shot when you were right on the edge of going out of bounds and it's in the red zone?

JA: No, no. I trust him. He made a play, and just giving him a chance to do it, so I appreciate him continuing to work on that play. I know I've got to be better down there, and there's a few plays that I wish I had back today, but a win is a win, we'll take them how we can get them.

Q: Did the coaches pretty much at some point say hey, let's just choke this game out because the run game was like 3.6 per carry, it's not like you guys were killing them on the ground, but did you just want to keep running it and choke the game?

JA: Yeah, they were playing some two high shell and just kind of basically daring us to run it. I thought Dorsey did a good job of staying patient. Our guys did a good job of holding on to the football and making some good cuts, making some good runs and moving the chains when we could.

Q: You made some throws today that you weren't able to step into. How is the elbow I guess is what I'm going to ask you?

JA: It's good.

Q: It's progressively better?

JA: Yeah, yeah, I think every day it gets better. Again, it's something that I don't think about when I'm out on the field. I think that's the most important thing. But again, continuing to be in the training room and working with the guys and shout out to our guys in our training room, guys and gals there. I think we've got the best group in that training room. They work so hard. They work so many hours. I can't tell them how much I appreciate them enough, and I think our team would say the same thing.

Q: How about James Cook taking the bull by the horns; got some increased opportunities today?

JA: Yeah, again, he's dynamic with the ball in his hands, found some good lanes today, and the more we can get him going forward moving, too, I think that's going to benefit us in the long run.

Q: Can you speak to how difficult it was to win three games away from home in 12 days? That's kind of unprecedented. The league doesn't schedule three away games in 12 days.

JA: Yeah, again, we could have used every excuse in the book, but our guys, we work extremely hard. We care about each other. We care about each other's families, and I think when you have that type of love in the locker room, you're going to find ways to win football games. It wasn't easy, I'll say that, but I will say having this little mini-bye with I don't know how many games are left – what is it, five games left? I think that's extremely beneficial for getting guys healthy and just kind of maybe a little mental reset for our guys because we know these games that are coming up, they matter. The ones in December and January, they matter, and again, we've got to find ways to go win some football games.

Q: That's a top-ten red zone run defense, you guys got down there three times, stuck all three in the end zone. I think you're like six for your last seven now. Do you feel like there's some momentum building down there?

JA: Yeah, I definitely do. We know that we weren't – we haven't been as good as we've wanted to down there and it's been a key emphasis for us, just making sure that we love the play calls down there and guys know what they're doing and executing. I think Dorsey is doing a good job of mixing it up and allowing us to go down there and be free and not having to worry about the other stuff.

Q: What will your role be in Odell's upcoming visit this weekend?

JA: We'll see.

Tremaine Edmunds, LB

(On how it felt to put a stranglehold on tonight's game)

"It felt good. There were a lot of momentum changes, but we found a way to win and that's what it's all about. We stayed together and come halftime, it didn't matter what the score was, we had to come out and finish the ball game and I thought the offense did a good job and the defense complemented it which is what football is all about, playing complementary football."

(On how the Buffalo Bills goal each season is to win the division and how it feels to have that goal back in focus)

"It's definitely big. Our focus is on what is ahead and we're not looking back. Obviously there is nothing we can do back on those games. You know, if you only look in the past, you will trip going forward, so we just have to keep going. Each week is its own, and we just have to keep going because that is what this game is all about. We can celebrate this week for sure but come next week, we have to flip the page and continue to get better. It isn't going to get any easier so we just have to keep going and keep trusting the process."

(On how it felt to get back out there and how he came away from the game physically)

"Man, it felt good. You know, it is never good missing games, but it felt really good and I am healthy now. No setbacks right now so I just have to keep going and continue to trust and do what I have to do off the field to continue staying healthy."

(On not getting to play with Tre'Davious White last week and how it felt to have him out there today for a few plays)

"I think all of us get a smile on our face when we see 27 playing out there. Just his play-making ability speaks for himself. Obviously, we know what he can do and just seeing him out there puts a smile on my face knowing how much he has been through. I have been seeing it day-in and day-out and all the hard work he has been putting in. He comes everyday with the mindset of getting better. Whether that is training room or working on his technique, he is doing everything to can to get better and get on that field and I see that each and every day, so I take my hat off to him and it speaks character and the character he has as a person. He was like that since I met him and this is just a little bump in the road for him but he is coming back stronger than ever. Like I said, I take my hat off to him because I see how hard he works and the adversity that he went through and I never really see him with his head down, he is always thinking positive."

Jordan Poyer, S

(On how it feels coming off three straight wins on the road)

"I mean just one day at a time, fighting from the moment we got snowed-in and having to go to Detroit twice and just kept battling, battling and battling. It just says a lot about the guys in that locker room and Coach, so hats off to the whole team. It was a rough 15 days, playing three games, but like I said, get it done and we are excited to have a couple days off and play at home next week."

(On the importance of depth that has been built along the defense)

"Those guys have been playing like that all season. Shaq [Lawson] is a different animal out there this year. He came back to Buffalo and he is playing out of his mind. Like I said, you can go up and down that line with those guys that are just playing really good football for us and like I said, us on the back end are trying to get an extra second to get to the quarterback and those guys are playing well."

(On getting the Patriots where they wanted them at the end of the game)

"That's why we play the game, we want to get them [Patriots] in a situation where we feel good about it, and we want to be able to stop the run and get Mac [Jones] in a one-dimensional game where he is trying to win the game with his arm. We were trying to get an interception or fumble to end the game but we held on three points at the end of the game and got the onside kick so shout out to special teams, those guys have been coming through week-in and week-out. We got it done."

Stefon Diggs, WR

(On Ken Dorsey and the credit that he deserves for the work he's done with unlocking the run game)

"One hundred percent, I feel like we've just been working at it. When you work at something and you practice hitting guys, they show you how you can do it, when you run in the game it's like second nature. We got the backs that can make explosive plays, they just do a great job. I feel like it helps the passing. I anticipated it, having been something we've been working on. You never know, we might even start passing the ball a little bit."

(On having a reset in the coming week)

"A little bit. From the standpoint of guys who are all banged up, we have had a lot of games in a short span of time, but we also have to keep in our sights that we don't want to take our foot off the gas. We've got a couple games rolling in the right direction. I feel like that's the baby steps for where we're trying to go. Setting that standard is huge and we don't want to have too much time off that we come back with a lull. We're trying to keep this thing going, so I feel like it's going to be something where when we get back to work, we're back to work. Trying to do what you can these next couple days, get your body right, but when they blow the whistle –"

(On the offensive drives during the game)

"Performing at a high level and high pressure situations. Leading with drives, making good decisions, running backs protecting the ball, you know those small passes really get us first downs. Whether it's eight, nine yards. It's huge. So we're second and ten instead of third and one, you know. I just feel like when it's a conglomerate, everybody doing their job, there's a lot of success. It seems I guess like a well-oiled machine but there's a lot that goes into it. Guys blocking extremely well, catching the ball, getting north, just the little things that they preach. You hate hearing it, as far as a player, like, 'Damn, you always say that coach,' but it works. It's something we're going to lean on."

(On the way the team won)

"I guess it's a double-edged sword, especially when you can do it. I mean, from our standpoint, we've lost games because we've kind of like didn't really figure it out or we weren't executing at a high level. As the offense, you just want to figure out ways to win, even if you win it left-handed, right-handed, with your best stuff, you've got to mix it up with stuff that you've been working on. It's a melting pot of so many different things that you just want to go home with a win, figure out the win. As the offense, all you can do is your job. I try to do my job to the best of my ability, but when eleven guys do that it's a different story."

(On Josh Allen's performance and if he's feeling better)

"I wouldn't really know, because he doesn't show it. He's not the quarterback that's out there like dragging ass – I don't want to say dragging ass, but dragging ass. He's out there trying to give it everything he's got, and guys gravitate to him. A player like Josh, he's our quarterback, it helps that our quarterback is out there giving everything he's got. I'm rocking with him, when he's banged up, he's still a good ass football player. That's why we love him, because things won't go right all the time. But when we get back defending himself, you see those plays that he made today, like when he was scrambling, throwing guys off, finding guys."

Devin Singletary, RB

(On his touchdown)

"Oh man, the O-line made a big crease for me and all I had to do was hit it. That's all it was. The big guys up front made it easy."

(On the play of the offensive line)

"They made it happen. We were getting movement, pass protection was making it happen. They were just being dogs all night."

(On the play of James Cook)

"He is getting into his groove and I feel like it's the perfect time, on the back end of the season when we need to be playing our best ball."

(On the Bills playing a complete game)

"We needed to. We needed to get back to being us and playing at our standard. I feel like we can definitely build off of this. It is like a mini-bye week and I feel this is the perfect time. We are on the back end and we will have a little time to re-group."

(On the Patriots)

"I know we are going to see those guys again and we know they are going to come back ready."

Matt Milano, LB

(On the defense)

"We had a good week of practice and we came out flying around. The defensive line held it down and was controlling the line of scrimmage. Greg [Rousseau] played well, A.J. [Epenesa] stepped up and made some big-time plays. It was a super performance. The defensive line went crazy tonight and when they do that it helps everyone out. The rush and coverage working together."

(On defending Rhamondre Stevenson)

"That's their top target in the passing game and we know he is going to get his touches in the running game. We've been preparing for him all week. He is tough to tackle. We've got to see him again. He is one of the tougher backs I have played this year. He is just a bigger back, has great balance, shifty in space. He is a big back, you have to wrap him up. Don't let him get going."

(On Mac Jones)

"He's a good quarterback, he makes plays when he needs to. We had the rush in his face all night tonight. It's hard to make things happen when you have guys in your face. It was a combination of both stopping the run and getting him off his spot. Guys were just making plays on the ball. The combination of that and the rush and coverage were working together."

Shaq Lawson, DE

(On the defensive performance)

"We knew what type of game it was going to be. We knew those guys wanted to run the ball and a lot. We knew they were going to run the ball like they did last year because it was a windy start. We knew we just had to stop the run."

(On winning the last three games on the road)

"Oh man, just road dogs, road warriors, and we are just trying to find a way to win and it took a team effort. Complementary football, all three ways, and we just found a way to win. We know that December football is the most important."

(On getting Tremaine Edmunds back in the lineup)

"It feels great to get our leader back. He's the leader in the middle and things run through him. It was great to see him back. It started physical between all three levels of the ball and it was just great to see everybody physical."

(On the key to stopping Rhamondre Stevenson)

"We knew he was a physical running back and we had to create a line of scrimmage and dominate these tight ends up front. Each week the coaches put it on us and it starts up front. We knew what we had to do to shut the run down."

Xavier Rhodes, CB

(On the defensive performance)

"It was pretty good and we played good defense. We were going in and stopping the run, and that's what we like to establish. We played good overall."

(On winning the last games on the road)

"It is pretty hard to win in this league, we will take one day at a time and a week at a time. We had a bunch of distractions as everyone knows, the snowstorm and everything, but we didn't let that distract us. We kept everything in house and motivated each other and as you can see, we are a big family here. We just played our game and played to best of our abilities."

(On playing for Coach Sean McDermott)

"He is just a players' coach and he just loves his players. He puts his players in a great position to make plays and I mean he is a great coach."

(On playing through the distractions)

"Just staying focused and don't let the outside noise, or anything we are going through distract us. You have got a game to still play and know your assignments and go out there play to best of our ability."

Jordan Phillips, DT

(On what it means to have won the last three games)

"We just love winning and however it comes or however it looks as long as we get the 'W,' that is just awesome."

(On how they got through the last stretch of games so successfully)

"I mean when you have a quarterback like Josh [Allen] and you have [Stefon] Diggs, Po [Jordan Poyer], and Tremaine [Edmunds], and all the leaders on this team. There's not too much time to think about all that stuff and all we are thinking about is the next play and what we have to do to win"

(On how important it is to have the next 11 days off)

"We need it. I think this is the first time a team has ever played three Thursday night games in a year and I'm happy it's over. I am happy to get back on our regular schedule and get going."

(On the defensive performance)

"We just came in and wanted to stop the run. I am not sure, what they ended on but probably 60 or 70 yards, and if you can get a team like that where they can't run the ball and can't get their play action in, it's going to be a good day for the defense, let's say that."

Taron Johnson, CB

(On the win)

"The whole team played well, from the defense to the offensive line. I feel it really started up front. Our defensive line came to play and that helped us tremendously. Every win you're thankful for those. So when we came down here to Foxborough and got the win it was just a blessing."

(On Josh Allen)

"A great player, you see what he does out there for our team. Obviously he's tough to stop. I'm just happy to have him on our team."

(On the pressure of being Super Bowl favorites)

"It's a week-to-week league, every week I take it one game at a time. I'm not really thinking too far past the next opponent."

(On how competitive the AFC East is)

"It's extremely competitive, it just goes to show you what kind of talent we've got in our conference. We've got to take it one game at a time and when it's time to play the Jets we're going to be ready."

Rodger Saffold, G

(On the win)

"It's nice to get a win in our division finally. I know that's something we had to get over the hump with, doing it in the fashion we did, you saw some improvement from our offense."

(On sending the Bills fans home happy)

"It feels amazing. I always love having these victories and seeing the fans and having their energy with us. It adds such a compliment to us when we're playing in the game as well."

(On the key to the victory)

"I think that us being two-dimensional, being able to protect when we needed to, guys getting open when they needed to. Even when it seemed difficult, we were making sure that we were on schedule as an offense and getting into the end zone."

(On Josh Allen)

"He's great. He's just one of the guys. He controls the offense, he controls the huddle. We lean on him a lot, and he shows that to us every time. Being able to use his legs, being able to use his arm. One holding penalty away from being 31-10. So it just shows the type of guy he is and the type of caliber that arm is."

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