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Danny Woodhead Press Conference - 12/6/2010

Patriots running back/wide receiver Danny Woodhead addresses the media during his postgame press conference from Gillette Stadium on Monday, December 6, 2010.

Q: You were a former Jet... How does this one feel?

DW: We won the game and anytime you win the game, that is the most important thing. I am not too worried about who it's against but it was a big win.

Q: On that 50-yarder it looks like Tom [Brady] threw you that shovel pass. Was that something planned?

DW: It was just something that we obviously just ended up falling into and it ended up working and obviously we are happy when something like that happens and it was a play where my lineman made a couple great blocks, receiver made a great block. All I really needed to do was run the ball.

Q: A number of guys have played in a ton of big games and there are a lot who haven't. What as the atmosphere like previous to going on the field?

DW: It was a big-time atmosphere, division game with both teams 9-2 and we needed to win the game. We were able to come out and get the victory and that's the most important thing.

Q: So you were able to resist getting caught up in the hype and caught up in what the other team was saying?

DW: The hype is not really a big deal for this team; we are not really worried about that. We are worried about going to work every single day and getting ready and preparing so on a night like this we can come out and do our best.

Q: You looked like you found pretty favorable match-ups, was that you or Tom [Brady] or was that you guys?

DW: There are a lot of good players on this team. Coaches do a great job of putting us in positions to succeed and I think you saw that a little bit tonight.

Q: How impressive is it to see the efficiency that Tom [Brady] can put together drives?

DW: He is Tom Brady. Everyone knows that. He has been able to do some pretty good things throughout his career. I don't know if stuff like that really surprises anyone.

Q: Was there any point during the game when you looked over to the other sideline and you reflected on where you have come?

DW: Not really. This is where I am. I am a New England Patriot. Was I over there at one time? Yeah, but that isn't something that I dwell on or ever want to dwell on because that's not who I am now. I am a New England Patriot and that's the most important thing. I'm going to do my best for this team.

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