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Denver Broncos Postgame Quotes

The Denver Broncos defeated the New England Patriots, 17-7 as the Patriots fall to 2-1 on the season.  The following are postgame quotes from Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan and players.

Mike Shanahan, Head Coach

(On running the ball against the Patriots)
Limiting the rushing yards was pretty impressive because they were very impressive the first couple of games running the ball and it was a great challenge for our defense.

(On the game)
Offensively we made a few third downs that kept a couple of drives going, and it was a dog fight the whole game and I feel very fortunate to come out with a win.

(On Jake Plummer's performance)
I think Jake really managed the game well, with a defense like this they really keep you off balance they do so many different things to you, so many different rushers, so many different defenses. They can confuse a quarterback quickly and make him make mistakes. He made a couple of big plays and a couple of big throws at opportune times.

(On what they did on Defense)
We knew we had to stop the running game because they played so well the first couple of games running the football and they have so many different weapons and they play opportunistically so we knew we had to step up in that area, so we felt that if we could do that then we could just react to the pass and we didn't blitz like we did the last time, but fortunately we made some plays at opportune times.

(On the 83 yard touchdown)
We were thinking that if we did not make it we would go for it on fourth down, so we thought they would be in a man on man defense and just go for the long bomb and get a chance for Javon Walker to be one-on-one and fortunately they were in there pretty tight to stop the run and Javon made a nice catch and Jake made a nice throw.

Champ Bailey, Cornerback

(On the play of the defense)
As long as we are keeping people out of the end zone, we'll be fine. I hated it (New England scoring). I wanted the goose egg. We have always had a Super Bowl caliber defense. It is all about executing and playing together and trusting each other.

(On winning in New England)
You know how tough it is to win on the road against anybody, but to beat a team this good on the road is big for us. Going into the bye week we have a lot of work to do but we are going in the right direction. You never want to go in a bye week with a loss.

(On Tom Brady)
He looked good, they just didn't make enough plays. They normally make a lot of big plays that enable them to win. The receiving corps is different but at the same time you still have Tom Brady back there. We just play good against them, I don't know what it is, people look to far into it. It is two good teams playing and we have come out on top recently.

Tatum Bell, Running Back

(On getting the bulk of the playing time)

They (the coaches) told me early in the week but I had to keep it away from you guys (the press). I think I earned it, I've paid my dues. I feel good. When I have had a good series I don't have to worry about coming out and sitting out the next series. I want to keep pushing. I sat myself out once on my own, they came and got me once because I was cramping. I just want to prove to my coaches and teammates that I can carry the load. I'm glad the coaches trust me.

(On the running game)
We wanted to come out early and set the tempo. We have trouble against 3-4 teams. I think we put on a good show today.

Gerard Warren, Defensive Tackle
(On coming into Gillette and dominating the game)

We just stayed on our game plan. We didn't have to go outside our game plan to see what they were doing. We just kept it pretty simple and went out and played what we call old school gridiron football with the Patriots.

(On giving up the touchdown)

We wanted to keep them out of the red zone and the end zone. But every now and again you might have a breakdown and those are the things you make sure don't cost you the game.

John Lynch, Safety

(On the win)
The coaches set out a tremendous game plan. I don't know if there has ever been a night before the game when the coach said this is what we need to do to win and we went out and did it.

Domonique Foxworth, Cornerback

(On stopping the run)
We are always a tough team to run against and we had a couple of mental errors last week and gave up more yards than what we are used to. It is nothing new, we never let anyone run too well. We are a responsible team and play in our gaps well.

(On the Denver offense)
Coach Shanahan has been doing this a long time, Jake (Plummer) is not a young guy, and Javon (Walker) is a playmaker. It was only a matter of time before we got on track. We needed to hold our opponents long enough for the offense to step up and they did tonight. Any time you beat the Patriots in Foxboro you deserve a lot of respect.

Ian Gold, Linebacker

(On the Denver defense)
It all started up front with the defensive line and they had the heart to hang in there, and make it all possible. Without those guys up front we wouldn't be able to fly around out there like we did.

(On planning for Tom Brady)
We just go out and do our job. You will have to ask Brady (Tom) what it is every time he plays us, I am sure it is just the execution we bring out there on the field. I really couldn't tell you without giving up our game plan. We go out there and execute our defense. Regardless of what the plan is, we just get the job done and that's what we pride ourselves on.

Stephen Alexander, Tight End
(On the defense)
They are just shutting people down. That's unbelievable; I hope that they continue to play the way they are playing, because if they do it is going a very special year for us.

Javon Walker, WR

(On 2nd Touchdown)
You know what, there were plays previous to that one seeing how they were playing and sometimes it just comes down to making a play. It was a tough game and the coach called it and we took a shot. We've always said just try and make a play.

(On the game)
A lot of our playmakers stepped up today, from Rod (Smith) moving the sticks, (David) Kircus and Brandon Marshall. When its games like this, we want to put it in our hands as well as our running backs.

(On play of Jake Plummer)
I'm most proud of him. The quarterback takes the heat for a lot of the stuff that goes right and a lot of stuff that goes wrong. He stuck in there and kept his head up. I've told him and so has Rod, to give us the opportunity to make plays and we'll make his job a lot easier.

D.J. Williams, Linebacker(On stopping the Patriots running game)

The first two games we knew they got over a hundred yards rushing and they could pound the ball, but we knew if we played our brand of football, it would be tough on them.

(On 1st quarter hit on Benjamin Watson)
You know he's a big guy and I came in and tried to give him a shot. He took it and I kind of felt the brunt of it.

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