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Dolphins: Chad Henne Conference Call - 12/29/2010

Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne addresses the New England media during his conference call on Wednesday, December 29, 2010.

Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne addresses the New England media during his conference call on Wednesday, December 29, 2010.

(On the preparation for the Patriots and what has he seen and/or noticed different this time around)
"Well I mean, definitely a lot of improvement from when we saw them last time. And their corners are a lot more confident, making a lot more plays. Obviously the turnovers stand out at you with 36 turnovers, so, the defense is producing on that side of the ball."

(On Tom Brady setting the NFL record for most consecutive passes without an interception and how unique that is and difficult)
"Yeah it's definitely a remarkable accomplishment for what he's done and protecting the ball and just making smart decisions with it. It's definitely hard to do in this league with a lot of good players on the other side of the ball and there could be some mishaps on the offensive side where a guy falls down or anything like that, but, it's pretty remarkable how he sets it that high—and it's a good thing for us young quarterbacks to look at and protect the ball and try to get to that point."

(On if it looks to him sometimes that Tom Brady becomes the on field offensive coordinator in a way based on what he's seen on film)
"Absolutely, I think Tom (Brady) is in charge at all times out there on in and out of plays and getting them in the best plays and that's why their offense is rated how they are and ranked how they are because he makes them go."

(On how has he handled the ups and downs of this season emotionally)
"It's been tough but you just get back and grind in the film room, understand your mistakes and try to fix it that week and really just stay positive about it and just go out there and play your game and being confident in you go about your things."

(On what has he learned the most about himself this season)
"Well I mean I think I've (you know) mental toughness is a big thing about how I was brought up and how I played the game. So I think my mental toughness has stayed strong and just believed in myself and this team and tried to help out as much as I can."

(On what the morale of the locker room like considering how things have gone for the team in the last few weeks and how is it)
"It's definitely been tough for us and obviously a lot of disappointments but I think our guys are into this game more than anything. We want to go on with an 8-win season and try to get out of the losing record column and improve from last year...and we're going to play our hearts out for this game."

(On the Patriots clinching and if it's his assumption that he will see the normal Patriots team that he would normally see)
"Well I think we'll see the normal team just because everybody on that team is a competitor and I think Coach Bill (Belichick) is really on their guys strong to finish the season strong and get that fourteenth win and have a good feeling going into the playoffs. So, my feeling is that they'll play and for us Miami Dolphins we're practicing that they're going to play and play against us."

(On what has made the Dolphins such a strong road team)
"Well I mean I think we just kind of bring teams in the deep end and I think we keep it close at the end and try to pull it off at the end. But I think overall we play well on the road because we bond together, we play...we just feel that we're the only team out there and it's kind of a backs against the wall mentality and we just love that environment and we just respond well to that."

(On the Patriots' cornerbacks and how do they look different to them from when they played them earlier in the season)
"Well I think most of all they're playing a little bit more man coverage out there. They're playing a little bit more post safety and getting guys in the box to stop the run and letting those corners out in the island that shows a little bit more confidence and I think they're coming up more in press coverage and challenging receivers at the line of scrimmage rather than getting the access as they did before."

(On the Patriots' front seven getting pressure on the quarterback and if he sees that)
"Yeah, definitely I think there's some pressures out there that you got to be aware of as a quarterback and they're generating a lot of turnovers and that's because of that front seven getting a lot of pressure on the quarterback. So, it's a good thing for them and for a quarterback you just have to be aware of where they're coming from and get the ball out quickly."

(On if he's the quarterback of the future for the Miami Dolphins)
"Right now I don't know where that is but I just got to worry about this game and how I play in this game."

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