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Dolphins QB Matt Moore Quotes

Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore addressed the Miami media on Wednesday, December 20, 2011.

(On if Tom Brady is the model for other quarterbacks in the NFL)
"Absolutely, the guy obviously does it right and he has been doing it that way for a long time. Going into a game like this, I really don't worry about the guy, but there's absolutely things that you can learn from him and see how he approaches the game, how he plays the game. When you watch his tape he's definitely a guy like that for a younger (quarterback), yeah."

(On the challenges that the Patriots defense presents)
"Well, they are in the top half of the league in total defense. I know their pass defense, they have got some guys on the back end that they are kind of swapping around, but we know that they will be prepared. They have a big pass rush with some guys on the inside and their linebackers do a lot. (Jerod Mayo) is a heck of a player, they are big in the redzone we know that, a couple of their corners got some picks and we just have got to be aware of those guys, but I think we have to focus on what we're doing and on our execution and things like that and just be aware of their schemes and the problems that they can bring up."

(On if he is surprised that Reggie Bush is as durable as he has been this year)
"I'm not really surprised, I think we're using him obviously differently than how he's been used, he has never been, as you said, given this many attempts so how would anybody know? So I guess it's been a pleasant surprise, if you think of it that way. The guys a true professional, it's showing, late in the year, in December he's playing well, so he need to keep going and growing and I think he will and it's just been good to see."

(On Bush getting stronger as the year goes on)
"Yeah, I know it. It's a testament to him and his work ethic and how he prepares and goes into the game. A lot of credit to the offensive line, I know I said that Sunday, but I think Reggie understands that and knows. But he is a guy, obviously unbelievably talented put him in a good scheme and good execution and good things will happen."

(On how he deals with players who aren't have good individual seasons)
"We talk all the time, I think my stance on that is the ultimate stat is wins, and so I think those guys, coming from me, its brutal yeah that the stats aren't there for those guys, but I think that the ultimate goal is to win. A lot of the guys on this team understand that, would I love all of them to have eight catches a game and have big games? Sure. But what it comes down to is wins and losses and so, to me if we win and somebody is a little lower than somebody else, that's just how the game roles. Those guys know that they are going to have to work every week and I am going to have to work every week to get the ball to them, if were winning ball games that's a good thing. I guess the game just kind of goes like that sometimes."

(On if it was a 'statue of liberty' play on the goal line on Sunday)
"Uh, yeah. I guess that's what it's called, yeah. I wish he would have got in, we were close. Good play call, the defense definitely had their eyes on Reggie, but yeah that's what it was."

(On if he practices the behind the back hand off)
"Yeah , I think you have to. Yeah, we got a couple reps at it. There's not much I can do, so Davone just had to do a good job of securing the ball there."

(On how much faith he has in Brian Hartline when he throws up the ball up that he is going to make a catch)
"Well, a lot. Brian is one of those guys, you want to talk about numbers, probably on the low side, but definitely makes plays and I have all the faith in the world in him. Really confident, I know we only have two games left and I am talking like its early in the season , but as time has gone on were getting more comfortable and more comfortable with each other and he made some big catches. The one catch where he got banged after the catch, that's a big time deal there. He's doing a heck of a job."

(On if the success of Reggie Bush and the running game has forced teams to respect the running game more which in turn has opened up the passing game)
"Yeah, absolutely. When (Reggie) is ripping off these big time runs its only going to help us, there are so many eyes on him already, you have him breaking eight, twelve, seventy-three yard runs guys are going to be watching him. So it's only going to benefit us in every way for the offense and as long as we are moving the chains and sustaining drives things like that, it's just going to open everything up."

(On what he learned from the last game against the Patriots while with Carolina)
"Gosh, what did I learn? Well I kind of just hit on it. We're not playing their offense and they have a great team, we know that, but we have got to sustain drives. We have to convert third downs and really put it in the endzone, because obviously they are an aggressive, attacking team, just like anybody else, so just really taking care of ourselves and executing and knowing that they have, they got a lot of power."

(On how he prepared for the Patriots the last time he played them and how many different looks they showed him)
"I don't recall, I remember it being a pretty standard football game, and your reads and your keys are going to be your reads and your keys just as in every week. I don't recall anything crazy, to be honest with you."

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