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Eagles Postgame Quotes

Philadelphia Eagles players comment on their game against the New England Patriots from Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, November 27, 2011.


*On the loss...  *
"Obviously the Patriots were a better team today than we were. You obviously can't have that many penalties and turnovers when you're playing a good football team. It's my responsibility and I have to make sure that I take care of it."

*On the play of [WR] DeSean Jackson...  *
"He has to do a better job."

*On DeSean Jackson not being in the game during the Eagles final two offensive possessions...  *
"I just wanted to give the other guys an opportunity."

*On whether DeSean Jackson was benched...  *
"I just wanted to give the other guys an opportunity."

*On DeSean Jackson being the only offensive starter not in the game during the Eagles final two offensive possessions...  *
"I just wanted to give the other guys a chance to make a play."

*On the decision to attempt three consecutive pass plays in a 1st-and-goal situation from the Patriots' 5-yard line...  *
"The teams that we saw that had success against [New England] obviously threw the football. They did a good job with that. They were stout against the run, and you play into their strength with that. Again, I'll take responsibility for that."

*On the decision to pass on a 4th-and-goal play from the Patriots' 1-yard line...  *
"I thought that was the best thing to do. Obviously it didn't work."

*On the high number of Eagle penalties...  *
"Penalties and turnovers - you can't do that, especially against good football teams. You have to be more disciplined than that."

*On whether he heard fan chants calling for his firing during the game...  *
"I really don't hear much down there [on the field]. I didn't hear it. The way we played, I can understand."

*On the effort of the team in the game...  *
"I thought the guys played hard."

*On why the Eagles did not appear as sharp as they did last Sunday in New York...  *
"You have to give credit to [New England]. They did a good job against us."

*On his decision to activate [CB] Nnamdi Asomugha and use him in a limited defensive package...  *
"We felt like he could go out and play in a limited role - in particular cover the tight ends. So we had a package that allowed him to do that."

*On whether major changes had to be made to the defensive game play following the injury in practice sustained by Nnamdi Asomugha...  *
"We covered the base, but we went back and obviously, we don't have anybody that can play out there that is his caliber of player. But I expect the other guys to step up and do a good job if he can't play. That's what we did."

*On why the team has not played consistently week-to-week...  *
"That's something we have to figure out. If I could answer that, I'd do that right? We have to keep working the fundamentals and the things that you're doing right. That's how you go about it."

*On whether he is disappointed that [WR] DeSean Jackson was not in the game at the end...  *
"To sit up here after a game like that, I'm disappointed in a lot of things - starting with myself. I didn't have my team ready to go. That's why I start with me. You can ask me any type of disappointment question that you want and I'm probably there. We have to figure it out and get back and make sure that we get it right."

*On whether he is satisfied with the effort of DeSean Jackson...  *
"We all have to do a little better."

*On the Eagles lack of pressure against Tom Brady...  *
"[Defensive coordinator] Juan [Castillo] mixed it up. We did blitz, but there weren't a lot of things working. [Brady] was getting the ball out fast, and he did a nice job. His receivers did a nice job, so you have to give compliments to them."

*On why the defensive breakdown occurred which resulted in New England's long touchdown pass to Wes Welker...  *
"There was a communication mishap there. We have to get that worked out."


*On how he would assess his performance...  *
"Ok. Could have been better. I left a lot of throws and things like that on the field but, overall, I felt ok. I felt ok about my performance."

*On whether a lot more was asked of him in this game...  *
"Somewhat. We're trying to get the running game together, things like that. We all left a lot of plays out there on the field but I give respect to the Patriots. They did a good job. So, we've pretty much got to move on. We've got a quick turnaround to get ready for Thursday night."

*On what changed after the first drive...  *
"They wanted to be more man. They got out of the zone because they saw that we were attacking a little bit so they got out of that and went to a little more man."

*On whether he's disappointed that WR DeSean Jackson didn't pull down some of his passes...  *
"Not really disappointed.  You know I have respect for each and every one of the guys on this team and I know that he gave 100 percent effort.  Sometimes you don't make a catch, sometimes I don't make the throw. You know, pretty much everybody, sometimes you don't make that tackle.  So the biggest thing is we have to continue to stay strong, continue to keep putting things in the past and move forward to the next player, next team, next whatever.  Just play for four quarters.  And I can honestly say that we fought to the end."  

*On the mental approach of the team after this game...  *
"I mean it's basically we're pros.  We definitely wanted that game, [it] left a bad taste in my mouth, but overall, honestly, I can honestly say the guys know that we have a quick turnaround. We have to put that in the past and go back to work tomorrow and get ready for another good opponent as well."  

*On the Eagles' emphasis on the pass...  *
"That's pretty much up to [offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg]. When the play is called, it's my job to lead the guys to come back and make the play work.  Like I said we had some ups and downs. We had some good drives. We had some drops. We had pretty much a lot of things.  Myself, different things.  So just want to put that in the past.  I mean a lot of the guys, the coaches, they are supposed to be upset at some of the things, but at the same time we have to stay positive and move forward."

On how upsetting it was to hear the fan chants about Head Coach Andy Reid...  
"I'm just now getting a full taste of this type of stuff. Andy's a tremendous guy. I have the utmost respect for him. Fans don't understand some of the situations that go on with the game. You can't really put it all on Andy. Us players have to go out and play the game as well. I say that out of the utmost respect for Andy. We're going to always continue to keep fighting hard, playing hard for him."


*On how difficult it is to stop Patriots QB Tom Brady...  *
"It's difficult. He's a great player. They had the running game working and they had the passing game working. They were working on all cylinders. We couldn't figure anything out."

*On how much it hurt not having Eagles CB Nnamdi Asomugha out on the field today...  *
"Well, you know, it hurt. When you don't have all weapons out there, you know, you're always a step back. You have other players who you expect to come in and do a great job."

*On how disappointing it is to beat the Giants last week and then lose at home to the Patriots today...  *
"It's very disappointing. A loss is a loss. When you lose it's very disappointing."

*On how the team will turn it around on a short week...  *
"You go to work tomorrow, figure out your mistakes, find out what the game plan is, and go to work like never before."

*On whether this is really a great team...  *
"This is a really good team, a really good team. We have a lot of good athletes on the team and a lot of good playmakers and players. We just have to figure out how to put it together."

*On why the team has not been able to figure out how to put it together...  *
"New faces and new coaches. It takes time."


*On whether he had any words for Eagles WR DeSean Jackson...  *
"I told him to keep his head up and let's get back to work on Monday."

*On how he deals with the coach taking so much criticism...  *
"As a player, I just have to control what I can control and try to get better every week. Today we didn't play good enough. We have a quick turnaround, start up tomorrow, try to work on our weaknesses, and go into the Seattle game with a new mindset."

*On whether this team can still use the word "playoffs" anymore at this point...  *
"As long as we're not mathematically out of it, I think we can. If there is still a possibility - I mean we went to the playoffs in 2008 and we were 9-7-1. Anything is possible. We might need some help, but anything is possible."


*On losing to the New England Patriots...  *
"They're a really good team and they were putting together some really good drives, ate up some clock and put points on the board and we weren't able to stop them."

*On what how he felt New England adjusted after the Eagles' opening drive...  *
"They were just completing passes. Completion after completion and they put together a good plan."

*On if he felt there were any points where he felt like the Eagles could not stop the Patriots...  *
"Obviously there at the very end they had it wrapped up. We were still fighting the whole time. If you watch how the offense and defense played, they were playing as if the game was on the line, so my hat goes off to all of those guys."


*On the team moving forward...  *
"That's pretty much what we have to do. We're fighters, we'll recoup and we'll all see each other tomorrow, get back to it like we're going to the next game. We have a short week here, we're a fighting team-and people see that. We just need to get things together. Every unit has to work together to win ball games. You can't commit turnovers and you can't have errors. We just have to go and move forward with this and see what happens here come Thursday."

*On the Eagles playoff chances...  *
"We're not going to stop fighting, anything can happen. This is the NFL. I've seen it all happen over the years, so we're going to keep fighting. We're known to keep fighting and everyone knows that. We don't stop."

*On how the team continues to lose games, despite the core of talent the team has...  *
"It's hard. We have a lot of great players on this team and it's hard to see us lose. We know what kind of talent we have, so we have to pull together-it's hard. We're not going to bow our heads, we're going to keep them up and keep moving forward, go make plays and go win ball games."


*On how disappointing it is to not be able to string together a winning streak...  *
"It's very disappointing. Coming off a big win, you always want to follow it up with a win. We want to win every game from here on out. But, the results are what they are. You can't put your finger on the one thing that it was-it was a combination of things. Like I said before, they just executed better than us."

*On if he felt the coverage team was confused...  *
"No, I wasn't confused. It was they just had a few plays where they got us on the coverage. [New England QB] Tom Brady is a great quarterback and he does what he does sometimes."

*On if he is still seeing breakdowns of communication while out on the field...  *
"No, not really, not necessarily. I mean, there's always a few miscommunications on things and that's part of the game. There's going to be that every Sunday. You just try to eliminate it as many of those as you can and just try to execute."


*On his thoughts about the game today...  *
"It's very frustrating. We came out and went on top 10-0 and then we weren't able to come back out and get productive plays that we needed to do to win the football game."

*On why he thinks the team struggles playing at home...  *
"I don't know, but the results are not the same. I wish I could stand here and tell you, but it's just really frustrating. We just have to figure it out."

*On dropping two would-be touchdowns...  *
"Yeah, things happen sometimes. As a player, I am upset about it. It wasn't one of my best games. As far as a couple of plays, I thought I could have had them, but at the end of the day, I didn't come up with them. I have to move on and make better plays. I know I am a better receiver, there are no excuses behind that, but I just didn't have my best game today. It's frustrating, but I have to figure it out."

*On the challenges of preparing on a short week...  *
"We just have to put it behind us as a team. I think that everybody on this team can say that there were things that happened and we have to get better, but we have to get it turned around very fast. We are going to Seattle on Wednesday to play Thursday; we just have to get it together. Myself, I just have to pick it up, help this team and do what I am capable of doing."

*On why he wasn't playing at the end of the game...  *
"I don't know. It was a decision that was made. As a player, I just have to live with it, it happened, and I have to keep coming to work, give my best effort and play hard. Come next week, I am going to make those plays"

*On his relationship with head coach Andy Reid...  *
"We have a good relationship."

*On whether he thinks the coaches were displeased with his play in the first half...  *
"I don't know. We are all human at the end of the day. We are all human. As a professional, I have to bounce back. Week to week it's always different. This week we are talking about this and next week we might be talking about something else. It's up to me to go out there and, as a team, the Philadelphia Eagles; we have to do what we need to do to win games."

*On whether it bothers him that because of his contract situation, whatever he does, it becomes magnified...  *
"I am not going to say it's unfortunate. Being the player, with the contract situation, being under the microscope, it's not my decision, I just have to go out there and do my job. I have a job to do, which I get paid to do, I have to go out there and give my best effort. Regardless of what happens, the dropped balls and all, it's not like it's happening on purpose. Everybody has things that they have to go through in life, right now this is what I am going through to better myself. I will be alright."


*On how the team approaches the remainder of the season...  *
"Well, we have five games left. Obviously we are ready and in a mode where we're trying to win out. That doesn't change. We just have to keep at it."

*On whether the Patriots did anything up front that the team did not expect...  *
"No, not really. [Offensive line coach] Howard [Mudd] has been preparing us all week, we knew that they were going to come in with a wrinkle that was a little bit different and they started hitting that a little bit more in the fourth quarter when we were in passing situations. We had to start coming back and they started doing some things to try and confuse us. I think we handled it well, though, up front. I thought we were on the same page for the most part."

*On whether it surprised him that Eagles RB LeSean McCoy only had 10 carries today...  *
"I think everybody was expecting him to get more carries coming into the game. You get down a little bit early, and then you have to start airing it out more just so you can save some of the time on the clock and make some big plays. I think that probably hindered him a little bit and hindered the carries that he was able to get."

*On whether the offense moves more smoothly when there is a mixture of McCoy...  *
"Yeah, I think any offense moves more smoothly when there's a balance. But like I said earlier, I think we started running the ball in the first quarter. I think we were doing a good job against the run plays, but once we got down, you have to air it out more. Again, it's skewed a lot of the time, and I've said this before about run versus pass. When you're down, you just pass the ball more."


*On whether this season is weighing on him...  *
"Yeah, it certainly weighs on you, but that is what separates the good from the great, is being able to put that behind you and move forward."

*On what turned the tide after a fast start from the offense...  *
"I have no idea. I really don't know. We were not executing. I think the game plan was good. It's up to the players. We have to execute. If the ball is thrown to you, you have to catch it. The offensive line has to block and the defense has to play. It's a team game."

*On whether the Patriots put added pressure on the offense by consistently scoring...  *
"It didn't put added pressure on us. We just didn't execute. We don't worry about them. Our job on offense is to go out there, make plays and score. I think we could have done better."

*On what the Patriots did to slow him down after a fast start...  *
"They were mixing it up a bit, but nothing we were not expecting. Sometimes they played bump, off, two-man and cover-six. They did basic things."


*On how disheartening a loss this is...  *
"It's heart breaking. I thought we really had a chance to beat them. Early in the game we were moving the ball. It's hard to talk about. Their defense did a good job on us and their offense they made plays."

*On how discouraging it is to look at the playoff situation...  *
"Things can happen. We just have to be positive and hope for the best. All we can do is win next week and beat Seattle."

*On preparing for Seattle with a short week...  *
"Like you said, we have a game on Thursday night. We need to win that game. We need to put it behind us. We will watch tape and move past it. We know we need to win all of our games just to have a chance for the playoffs."

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