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Former and Current Patriots Cheerleaders Spread Pats Pride in Haiti

Former and Current Patriots Cheerleaders spread some Pats Pride in St. Rock, Haiti.

The Patriots Cheerleaders love finding different ways to give back to their community. For three cheerleaders, rookie Andrea and alumnae Erica and Amanda, this desire to give back to the community extends to their personal lives.  Erica, Andrea and Amanda traveled to Haiti last month to a small community outside of Port-Au-Prince called St. Rock.  For sisters  Erica and Andrea, this place holds a very special place in their hearts, as it was here, four years ago, that their father (a cardiologist) by chance found a very serious heart condition in their younger brother, who was previously asymptomatic. He had life-saving open heart surgery shortly after returning to the states, and since their family has returned to Haiti every year on a philanthropy mission. 

While in Haiti the ladies spent most of the day helping out in a small medical clinic: assisting the doctors and greeting the patients and their families. Additionally, they were able to visit an orphanage that resides in the community of St. Rock. Here they helped organize various fun activities for the kids, including a movie night, tie-dying T shirts, and even a little dance party. Despite the busy (albeit fun) days, they were also able to spread a little "Pats Pride" to the children down in Haiti! 

Erica, Erica and Amanda recognize how special this experience was, being able to help people in need and make friends in Haiti. They're already looking forward to returning next year, to bring more cheer and goodwill.

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