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Mac Jones ensures great 5th birthday for fan at Patriots training camp

Grayson Murphy may only be in kindergarten, but he's a seasoned pro when it comes to getting a players attention at training camp.

Mac Jones, training camp.PDC

For Patriots fans at training camp, getting autographs from players is basically treated as a competitive sport.

You need to arrive early, scout out a good spot in the front row against the ropes, and then hope a player or two end up in your vicinity.

Or, if you're Grayson Murphy, a pair of adorable blue eyes and a sign sharing that it's your fifth birthday is enough to do the trick.

The East Bridgewater kindergartener was in the sea of New England fans, but with some direction from his family, strategically strayed from the crowds when they spotted Mac Jones doing interviews with reporters.

Grayson and his mother, Megan Murphy, hoped to get a closer look at the second-year quarterback and maybe catch his attention while standing by the media tent.

It at first appeared that Mac was making his way back inside after his media responsibilities, but once he was made aware of the birthday boy, he made his way over to say hello.

"Happy birthday," Mac said, after introducing himself to the child. "I don't remember what I did on my fifth birthday but this is pretty cool."

Cool would be an understatement for Grayson, who showed up in Mac's jersey with the sole intention of getting to see him. The two posed for a photo before the signal-caller disappeared across the field and into the stadium, and Grayson was all smiles afterward.

"We were actually trying to get autographs with the other players," Megan said. "And then someone was like, 'Oh, Mac is down there.' That's the only person (Grayson) wanted to see. So we walked down just to wave and he ended up getting a picture. He's so excited."

This wasn't Grayson's first time at training camp, but it's sure to be memorable for him and his family.

The Murphys attended last year as well, but with some COVID-19 protocols still in place, any close interaction with players was prohibited. Fortunately, that's no longer the case.

"This is our second time," Megan said. "We came once last year and then we decided to come today for his birthday. We thought it'd be fun. The kids are so excited to actually get to see the players and get a couple of signatures. It's really nice."

For players and fans alike, interactions like this are what public practices are all about.

Grayson may have a hard time topping this year's birthday, but he'll have a memory to last a lifetime.

Mac Jones. Grayson Murphy. PDC

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