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Mac Jones, Patriots teammates share season-ending messages on social media

A few days after falling to the Bills in the playoffs, Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones and teammates shared some final messages.

Patriots quarterback Mac Jones checked in for the first time on Instagram since last summer to share some choice pictures and a message for both his Patriots teammates and the fans as the team embarks on the offseason.

Jones captioned, "What an unbelievable ride this first year has been. There's no other group of guys I'd rather work with, grow with and compete with.

"Cannot wait to play in front of the greatest fans in the world again!"

It was a strong rookie season for Jones, who threw 22 touchdowns, 13 interceptions and was a big part of the 10-7 record that got the Patriots back into the playoffs after a one-year absence. Jones' offseason progression will be one of the most important storylines heading toward the fall as the team looks to build around his strengths.

Jones' post received plenty of love from his teammates, who already spoke about how impressed they were by the rookie and how excited they are to continue developing with him during the team's final media availability on Monday.

Many also shared their own end-of-season social media messages as the team looks forward to 2022.

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