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Make-A-Wish and Breast Cancer Survivor Day

On October 16th, the squad had the honor of meeting Kyle Pepin, who's request of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of MA and RI was to meet the Patriots Cheerleaders. The ladies then had the privilege of sharing the player tunnel with amazing breast cancer survivors.


On Sunday, October 16th, when the Patriots Cheerleaders were finished practicing, dressing and ready to head over to they field, they formed their "unity circle" as they do every game.  In addition to getting motivated and generating spirit, the purpose of the circle is to talk about all of the things we have to be thankful for.  Performing on the sidelines of Gillette Stadium and meeting our supportive fans in the clubs and suites is something to be grateful for every game.  But on this particular day, the squad was being afforded two unique and wonderful opportunities they were really looking forward to.  


The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Massachusetts and Rhode Island had phoned several weeks before stating that a young boy, Kyle Pepin, had chosen his wish, and that it was to meet all of the Patriots Cheerleaders! The ladies couldn't have been more honored or excited! He was the cheerleaders' number one fan and we instantly became his. After introducing themselves to Kyle one by one, the cheerleaders presented him with a personalized jersey, hat and a fun gift bag.  I think Kyle's favorite part was the photo op!  His smile was bigger than the cheerleaders'.  After meeting the squad he watched the game from his own viewing room at the stadium with his family and two cheerleaders.  Kyle had a great day and the cheerleaders enjoyed every minute spent with him!

To make the day even better, as October is recognized by the NFL as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the cheerleaders were wearing pink jerseys, pink wrist bands and proudly holding pink poms.  Twelve amazing breast cancer survivors would be sharing the player tunnel with the squad for team introductions!   As soon as the cheerleaders headed outside, they introduced themselves to the women and one gentleman who would be joining them, shared one of their poms and led them all the way to the 30 yard line to the cheers of supportive fans.  For anyone who's ever had the privilege of being on the field for a game, you'll probably agree when I say that other than scoring a needed touchdown or winning a game, there's no part of the game that's more exciting than player intro's.  I'm thrilled that the survivors were able to participate in of the best parts of the game.

So back to the unity circle... not only did we remember to be thankful for being a part of game day and for our fans, on October 16th, the Patriots Cheerleaders were reminded to be thankful for their health, for having the opportunity to meet Kyle and the amazing breast cancer survivors, and maybe most of all, to appreciate that on that day, they all made a difference in someone else's life.  It doesn't get any better than that.


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