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Mike Cloud Post Game Press Conf Transcript

Cloud: It feels really good. It feels like old times.



**Q: The first game back, big day for you.

MC:** Yes. It was a pretty it was definitely a big game for me. You know, we did a great job, you know, collectively as an offense. Our offensive line just controlled the line of scrimmage and made some big holes for Antowain (Smith) and myself.

**Q: Did you know that you were going to play as much as you played this afternoon?

MC:** I had a feeling that I would get some playing time. And you know, we are nicked up in a lot of positions and Antowain got a little nicked up. I know that my role was increased.

**Q: Yes. Mike, how much had you actually I mean you know, what had you done in the month that you weren't able to practice with the team? What did you do to simulate playing football?

MC:** Nothing really. I did a bunch of rehab and just a bunch of agility work, foot work and stuff in a little closed room up in Boston. And but there is, there is no football activity at all really. It was I think the farthest I ran was maybe 20 yards the whole time. I did a lot of foot work and a little bit of

**Q: Mike, you can't simulate full speed, obviously. You are in there and that is it, bang. Are you surprised that you were able to react this way?

MC:** Not really. I think, you know, I did a lot of scout team stuff during the week of practice and I got a feel for feeling back with the guys and reading holes and stuff like that. So I felt very confident this whole week. And you know, I wasn't too much out of shape.

**Q: Mike, a new player with a team always wants to be able to contribute very quickly to prove himself to his teammates and, you know, to ingratiate himself to his teammates. Talk about being able to do this in your first attempt, you know, first time out.

MC:** Well, the guys on the team have been, you know, very supportive of me in the last, you know, couple months. And I just wanted to get back and, you know, just show them that I appreciate their support and everything. And I think I did that on the field today.

**Q: Mike, why did you want to sign here in New England in the offseason?

MC:** Close to home, I guess. You know, I grew up over in Rhode Island and I went to school at Boston College. And you know, I have my house out here and everything so I just wanted to come back home.

**Q: What would you say you learned from Priest Holmes when you were in Kansas City? What kind of influence was he on you?

MC:** Priest is a very hard worker. He works hard every single day. I mean the man lifts weights four days a week during the season, runs after practice. You know, I mean he is just a hard worker. He just puts a lot of emphasis on his body to keep him healthy and everything.

**Q: Mike, did you ever imagine today ending up the way it did?

MC:** I mean I had some ambitions. At night, you know, that as long as I go to bed at night I think of myself doing some great things.

**Q: Mike, your first carry was wiped out by a penalty and then they went right back to you and you ripped off a pretty nice game. Did that have a special feeling to try to get your second carry for the Patriots?

MC:** Yes. I think the first one was a false start and I went out to the sidelines and then I got that second opportunity and the offensive line just made some big holes for us to run through

**Q: Mike, being from New England, could you tell the fans were behind you once you got into the game?

MC:** I think so. After my first run, they were very, very loud. They called my name out, 'Mike Cloud on the carry.' They seemed like they were behind me.

**Q: After the calf injury, when were you able to run again?

MC:** I started running again about two and a half, three weeks ago. I started opening up some, doing a lot of agility work.

**Q: Did anything feel awkward out there today, strange after so much time away?

MC:** Physically, no. Nothing with my leg or anything like that. Going to the game I felt confident that if I got the opportunity to run, with all that I did, I would do well.

**Q: When you had a touchdown you jumped into the arms of an old teammate of yours.

MC:** Yes. That was all right. Damien Woody and myself, that was a signature celebration. Just a good old time at Boston College. That felt good.

**Q: Mike, how much better is it to be talking about playing football before a big game, everybody was asking you when it was going to happen, and how soon was it going to happen. How much fun was it to have it actually happen?

MC:** It feels really good. It feels like old times. Like you said, when I was back at Boston College, it was the first time I have been in front of a podium since then. It feels real good.

**Q: Can you take us through that touchdown on the 15 yards, what did you see as you hit the line?

MC:** Well, it was the basic track play and I don't know what happened. I just saw the left side open up. And it was just a reaction thing. I didn't really think about it. It just happened. I saw the end zone. And there was a safety there and I just had to make him miss and then I beat him.

**Q: Were you paying attention to those Red Sox updates that kept coming up?

MC:** I know the fans were. Every time they were cheering, we knew something was going on. That was good.

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