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News Blitz 1/17: Josh McDaniels staying with Patriots

Today’s News Blitz brings together early previews of the matchup with the Steelers as well as word that New England’s key offensive assistant coach is staying put in Foxborough.


As the Patriots pick up the pace on preparations for Sunday's AFC Championship Game against the Steelers at Gillette Stadium, New England got word that one of the key cogs in the preparation process will forgo career-advancement opportunities to stay with the team moving forward.

The Boston Globe was among the many outlets to report on Monday that Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will remain in New England for another year. Elsewhere, the Globe says it's finally time to acknowledge the Patriots defense as it heads into its biggest challenge of the season. Globe columnist Chris Gasper says that any legitimate debate about the Patriots will end soon. The Globe passes on the Steelers trying to downplay coach Mike Tomlin’s vulgar description of the Patriots in a postgame locker room that was shown to the world thanks to Antonio Brown's social media misstep.

The Providence Journal *says Tomlin “talked trash about Patriots in Facebook Live video.” The *ProJo also notes Bill Belichick's response to the social media snafu, “I’m not too worried about what they put on InstantChat.” looks at how Brown fits in with other “social media morons.” passes on word that Brown could actually be fined for his Facebook post. says despite the current decision to stay, McDaniels won’t be in New England forever. also looks at why Tom Brady is hated, including a “hissy fit” in the win over the Texans. has the Patriots brushing off Tomlins comments in the emotion of the postgame locker room in Kansas City.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette offers its thoughts on Brown’s social media post. 

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