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News Blitz 1/24: Patriots peaking at the right time


Few would argue that the 2018 regular season one of New England’s best.

But after a dominant win over the Chargers and a back-and-forth overtime thriller to win on the road in Kansas City, the Patriots are not only playing their best football of the year but maybe as well as they have in any postseason under Bill Belichick. offers up one unsung hero from every NFL team, and no one familiar with the Patriots should be surprised by the choice for New England. ranks the 61 quarterbacks who have played – or for Jared Goff, will play – in the Super Bowl.

The Ringer has 10 observations from the last Rams-Patriots Super Bowl, nearly two decades ago. has a Madden simulation predicting the Patriots to “sneak past the Rams in wild fashion” to win Super Bowl LIII.