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News Blitz 1/8: Titans are coming to town

New England to host Tennessee in Divisional Playoff.

More than a decade ago, in the somewhat early stages of the Bill Belichick/Tom Brady dynasty in New England, the Patriots hosted the Titans in a January 2004 playoff game at Gillette Stadium.

The two AFC foes will egage in postseason battle again this Saturday night, the Patriots still led by Belichick and Brady, while Tennessee is built around young quarterback Marcus Mariota.

The Boston Globe takes a closer look at the Titans, who advance with a comeback, upset win over the Chiefs on Wild Card Weekend.

The Boston Herald breaks down the oncoming matchup between the Patriots and Titans. The Herald Patriots notebook has Tennessee coach Mike Mularkey focused on the task at hand. Herald columnist Steve Buckley writes that there is “something amiss at Patriot Place.” The Herald also wonders what Belichick would be worth on the open market after Jon Gruden got $100 million from the Raiders.

The Providence Journal *kicks off its coverage of the Titans. The *Pro Jo *also notes that getting new players plugged in has been key to the Patriots success this season. The Pro Jo* also passes out grades for the Patriots in the team’s regular season report card.

NBC Sports Boston writes that Patricia, who reportedly interviewed for head coaching jobs with the Cardinals, Giants and Lions over the weekend, will be entering a “whole new world” as a head coach. NBC Sports Boston also notes that the work of Patriots linebackers coach Brian Flores -- who also reportedly interviewed for the Cardinals job over the weekend – hasn’t gone unnoticed in New England. NBC Sports Boston observes that the Titans are coming to town this weekend. has Patriots owner Robert Kraft responding to the recent ESPN story, and denying some key details in it.

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