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News Blitz 10/5: Breaking down the Browns, not Brady

Today's News Blitz has the Patriots trying to focus on Sunday's game against the Browns more than the return of Tom Brady.

Tom Brady's return is the talk of New England, even if Bill Belichick and many of his players don't seem interested in actually talking about the topic.

One thing that Belichick is interested in is his team preparing for a Browns team that is winless on the season but could present some problems for the Patriots this Sunday in Cleveland.

The Boston Globe says that while the Browns may be winless, they are by no means pushovers. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is one guy who is willing to say that Brady looks like he’s ready to go, via the Globe.

The Providence Journal *says that with Brady back under center McDaniels’ offense should be ready to roll. The *Pro Jo's film review of last Sunday's loss to the Bills focuses on Rob Gronkowski’s rarely being targeted in the passing game. says that Belichick is making it clear Brady won't clear all New England's ills, while the site notes that the quarterback will pass on the traditional mid-week press conference that starting quarterback's usually hold. writes that Belichick isn’t getting nostalgic in his return to Cleveland this week, where he got his first chance as an NFL head coach.

ESPN has Browns coach Hue Jackson saying Brady's career story is one of the greatest that's ever been told, although preparing for him as he returns from suspension is, “Not fun at all.” has Belichick telling reporters to “ask Tom how he’s personally feeling” even though the quarterback isn't actually holding a press conference and isn't even technically on the Patriots roster just yet. notes the Patriots worked out a pair of wide receivers this week. looks at how 2016 might compare to 2014, a season in which the Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl. offers up the best from the Patriots first quarter of the season, although be warned it's a slideshow. says Belichick is clearly focused on Cleveland and not Brady’s return. says McDaniels is clearly the top head-coaching candidate at this point in the season, noting that Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia has rising stock as well. projects how the Patriots offense will change with Brady back in the huddle.

The Wall Street Journal has a breakdown of how NFL teams have used the injury report through the first four weeks of action this fall, with the Patriots notching an league-high 31 players listed as questionable for games. “More likely, though, the Patriots are exploiting the vagaries of the NFL’s new rules on reporting injuries,” the paper writes.

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