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News Blitz 11/1: Focus back on Brady

A roundup of Patriots news

With Jimmy Garoppolo now a 49er, much of the media focus is once again on Tom Brady, the man he backed up for the past few seasons.

In a coincidental piece of timing, an ESPN the Magazine cover story about TB12 hits newsstands this week (it's already available online) and was written just before Garoppolo was traded.

It's a lengthy feature on Brady and his future in the NFL, as well as some titillating tidbits about head coach Bill Belichick. So, be prepared to sit with it for a while, of you're so inclined.

Belichick addressed the Garoppolo trade topic yesterday and his comments can be found right here on

If you're interested in hearing Garoppolo’s initial thoughts as a 49er, check out the SFGate website, which recaps Garoppolo's introductory press conference in San Francisco yesterday.

Meanwhile, an NBC Sports Boston column asserts that Garoppolo brought out the best in Brady in recent years.

A Boston Herald columnist says the Patriots are now married to the 40-year-old Brady for the foreseeable future.

On, you'll find another column trying to make sense of the Garoppolo trade.

Now that New England is in need of a backup to Brady, a *Boston Globe *opinion piece calls on the Patriots to sign controversial Colin Kaepernick.

Of course, it's not all about the QBs in the news today. There's an encouraging report about the health of WR Chris Hogan.

And finally, with the trade deadline now passed, offers us a snapshot of the Patriots’ 2018 draft picks as of today.

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