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News Blitz 11/12: History can't help these Giants

Today’s News Blitz brings plenty of stories continuing to preview Sunday’s game against the Giants in New York, though the super history between these teams can’t help the home squad.

Tom Brady certainly hasn't forgotten his team's two Super Bowl losses to the Giants.

Those Patriots losses to New York in Super Bowl XLII and XLVI certainly left a painful mark for all involved from the New England perspective.

But those games have no actual bearing on this week's battle between the foes at MetLife Stadium, a fact that Brady made quite clear in his weekly Wednesday press conference.

The Boston Globe looks at the role that former Patriots Super Bowl hero Shane Vereen is having in his new home in New York. With the Patriots having played eight games, it's the obvious time for midseason awards and report cards. As the Globe notes, though, just don’t ask Bill “give me an F” Belichick about such matters.

The Globe looks at the team effort that's led to a huge turnaround for New England’s run defense. The paper also passes along Navy grad Joe Cardona talking about his unique work-work balance. Dan Shaughnessy has a column with Larry Bird, the Boston basketball legend sharing his thoughts on the unique fans in New England as well as his support of Brady in Deflategate.

The Providence Journal says that neither team will be watching highlights of their past Super Bowl matchups leading up to New England's trip to New York on Sunday. The ProJo also breaks down the history of the passing back role in Foxborough, which is in the spotlight after Dion Lewis' injury.

ESPN wonders if the current Giants pass rushers can get to Brady in the same way that the team did in past successes against New England. ESPN also looks at how Tom Coughlin has “solved the Bill Belichick riddle” with a 5-1 career record against his former Giants co-worker.

ESPN's NFL nation crew gave its midseason MVP to Brady. says that this isn't the same old Giants defense, but that the unit can still have its moments.'s midseason power poll as the Patriots at No. 1, right where they belong. The site similarly ranks the league's quarterbacks, and Brady is in his own class at No. 1.

USA Today says the Giants aren’t just resting on their reputation as Patriots killers, they're looking to extend their three-game winning streak over New England.

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