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News Blitz 11/13: Tom Brady's Patriots are the team to be feared

Today’s News Blitz brings together plenty of final thoughts on New England’s Sunday evening game in New York as the Patriots look to remain undefeated against a foe that's historically given the team trouble.

One of the big storylines all week has been the recent, unsuccessful history of New England taking on New York. The Giants have won three in row against the Patriots, including a pair of Super Bowl upsets.

But the reality is that the Patriots are the far better football team in the here and now.

And while the Giants are trying to stay above water in a bunched-up NFC East, New England looks to remain the unquestioned best team in football.

The Boston Globe says that with Tom Brady in “Terminator mode” the Giants should fear the Patriots this Sunday, not the other way around. The Globe's midseason breakdown of New England says the team hasn't shown a weakness in any of the three phases of the game. The Globe *quantifies the Patriots statistically-staggering offensive production, while also giving a detailed scouting report of the Giants. The *Globe Patriots notebook says that Eli Manning doesn’t have any secret formula to betting the Patriots.

The Boston Herald looks ahead to future contract situations the Patriots might have with defensive stars Jamie Collins, Dont'a Hightower and Chandler Jones, offering ways the team might keep all three young studs in New England. Given New York's proficiency to force turnovers – the Giants lead the NFL with 21 takeaways – the Herald *says ball security has bene an emphasis this week in Foxborough. The *Herald states that the Patriots D can measure up to the Giants O, while Herald columnist Steve Buckley writes that Tom Coughlin is a “Giant obstacle” for Bill Belichick.

The Providence Journal *passes along Coughlin admitting he regrets not signing Julian Edelman as a free agent back when he had a chance to pluck the pass catcher from the Patriots. The *ProJo looks at the importance of turnovers in Sunday's matchup at MetLife. The paper also notes New England’s minor roster moves from Thursday. passes along ProFootballTalk's lead rumor collector saying the Giants are the one team that’s in the Patriots heads. wonders how good Manning really is, despite his two Super wins over the Patriots.'s Chris Price says that the battle between Belichick and Coughlin is a true meeting of the minds. says that the Patriots history against certain opponents, good or bad, counts. passes along Rob Gronkowski claiming he could do some damage as a punt returner if he were given a chance. also writes that Manning will be shouldering the load for the Giants offense on Sunday. curiously questions if the Patriots can “exact revenge” against the Giants, like a midseason win has anything to do with past Super Bowls. also notes that Chandler Jones has gotten his wish, as his Madden rating has risen this season. offers its game predictions, and none leans toward the home squad. The site also notes that Giants star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. doesn’t like the Patriots.

The Washington Post wonders if the Giants “magic touch” against the Patriots will matter this time around.

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