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News Blitz 11/4: First loss fallout, Sanu silver lining

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-ESPN's Kevin Seifert has the most important big picture piece coming off the loss to the Ravens -- an updated look at the playoff picture that still finds the Patriots atop the AFC.

-The Boston Globe's Tara Sullivan has the Patriots defense looking for some answers after their first test of the season where they came up short. Fellow Globe writer Nora Princiotti takes a closer look at Mohamed Sanu's breakout game, one of the silver linings from the first loss.

-Meanwhile Chad Finn has 20 thoughts on the loss, including a comparison to Super Bowl 52 when the Pats ran into a tricky offense that kept them on their heels.

-The Boston Herald's Andrew Callahan focuses on the defense's first bad outing of the year, with a focus on the damage done by the Ravens' running backs.

-The Athletic's Jeff Howe runs down what he thinks we learned about the Patriots.

-In positive takeaways, Phil Perry puts the focus on the offense and how well they moved the ball running the no huddle offense.

-Greg Bedard of Boston Sports Journal took a quick spin through the defensive plays to find out what was going wrong. The good news? That's it fixable stuff.

-Andy Hart hands out his thumbs ups and thumbs downs from the Ravens loss. Not a surprise that the run defense and penalties were big parts of the loss.

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