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News Blitz 12/5: Moving on to Miami

A roundup of Patriots news.


It's officially Dolphins Week for the Patriots, and that has many media observers taking a look at Miami – the locale, that is.

A **** writer offers an opinion piece saying the Patriots and their fans should be worried about this game against the Dolphins.

"The Dolphins are a much better team at home than they are on the road... Miami is 5-1 at home, while the Patriots have had all three of their losses come on the road," he points out. "New England is also averaging 33.5 points in its home games to just 21.7 in its road games. It also should be noted when the Patriots scored 38 points in Chicago it got two special teams touchdowns and when they scored 25 points in Buffalo there was a defensive touchdown. New England's offense has struggled on the road this year and that does not bode well given the history with the Dolphins."

A column on **The Athletic** website examines why Miami has been such a difficult road trip for the Patriots over the years.

**NBC Sports Boston** also tackles that question, with input from QB Tom Brady.

The **MassLive blog** takes an in-depth look at the current AFC Playoff picture.

Elsewhere today, a **Boston Herald** column praises New England's ability to acquire players with football smarts, which is what keeps them among the league's elite teams.

"Every brain has a different capacity, and the limit for wrinkles added by coaches must stop when the slowest mind in the huddle reaches the point of diminishing returns," the writer explains his theory in part. "The Patriots are able to change coverages so frequently and disguise them so well because things don't have to be simplified for the slow kid in the class. He doesn't exist…. The Patriots are honors students, minus the pocket protectors."

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