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News Blitz 2/13: New deal for Caserio?


Amid all the rumors and speculation of late, some actual Patriots news to report today! According to numerous media outlets, New England's director of player personnel, Nick Caserio, isn't leaving Foxborough.

The 44-year-old Caserio's contract with the club was scheduled to expire at the end of April. You may also recall that in recent years, the Houston Texans had expressed various levels of interest in pursuing Caserio. Now, though, it appears that for the foreseeable future, he'll be staying put with the only NFL team for whom he's ever worked.

While the league's free agent signing period falls in between those two events, NBC Sports Boston puts forth an intriguing theory on why the Combine week in Indianapolis later this month could be instrumental in determining where free agent QB Tom Brady winds up signing in March.

Elsewhere, The Providence Journal takes an in-depth look at the Patriots' running back roster as its currently constituted and how it might improve in 2020.

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