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News Blitz 2/16: Garoppolo's future and more

A roundup of Patriots news.

First Malcolm Butler, now Tom Brady.

Word is, plans are in the works to convert TB12’s life story into both a book and a movie, as Entertainment Weekly reports.

"When we're looking for stories, we're looking for these universal themes of overcoming odds and people using moments of adversity to inspire," co-author Dave Wedge told EW. "The game that we just saw a couple of weeks ago really encapsulates who that guy is… It's made for a movie."

Meanwhile, Brady's current backup continues to make news, as the Jimmy Garoppolo trade rumors persist, as an ESPN blog post details.

"There are enough teams out there with a need at the quarterback position, and there just aren't a lot of quarterbacks out there that ... I think there will be calls,"  NFL reporter Adam Schefter says in the story. "And it'll be up to some team to convince the Patriots to offer enough to want to part ways with him."

"I'm not enamored with any of the quarterbacks in this draft… First of all, I think Garoppolo is better today than any quarterback in this year's draft," NFL analyst Charlie Casserly declares in a MassLive blog post.

"He's not afraid of anything," one player says. "The guy's a stud," another adds. "He's got that kind of gunslinger kind of confidence, that Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers-kind of confidence."

Another piece focuses on TE Rob Gronkowski. The author believes Gronk should be a priority for the Patriots this offseason before they do anything else.

But a column says it should be WR Julian Edelman who needs to be taken care of by the team this offseason.

Finally, a fun story for Valentine's Week… Props to tennis pro Genie Bouchard for keeping her end of a losing Super Bowl bet to a Patriots fan. ESPN's blog has the story.

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