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News Blitz 2/16: No time for tag

All of the day's Patriots news in one convenient place.

Today's is the day teams can begin using the franchise and transition tags on their free agents and the Boston Globe takes a look at some possibilities around the league. The Boston Herald doesn't believe anyone will receive the tag from the Patriots this year. has some views on how the AFC East teams should attack the offseason. He has five items on his to-do list for each of the four teams. offers 10 items from around the league, including some thoughts from Stephen Gostkowski.

Ron Borges of the thinks running back is a need but doesn't feel Pittsburgh's DeAngelo Williams is a candidate to fill it after the veteran had some things to say about the Patriots.

With the Patriots disappointing loss in Denver, looks back at some other tough ends to the season for New England.

Tom Brady is off skiing, causing some anxious moments for Patriots fans in the process.

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