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News Blitz 3/2: O-line in focus

A roundup of Patriots news.

The NFL Scouting Combine continues out in Indianapolis, and is providing everything you need in written and video form. Meanwhile, a few news items of note from other media sources, focused mainly on New England's offensive line.

The* Boston Herald has updates on two Patriots linemen and their futures in football. A 2017 rookie, Tony Garcia missed the entire season for mysterious reasons, but now we know why, according to the Herald*.

There had also been some speculation that Nate Solder might retire because of family health concerns, but it sounds like Solder intends to continue playing in the NFL for the time being.

Sticking with the subject, The Providence Journal offers a snapshot examination of the Patriots’ o-line and what the future might hold at that position.

So far this offseason, talk of turbulence among the team has been rampant, and NBC Sports Boston's website addresses this in an editorial piece.

"I won't pretend to know the exact disposition of Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Robert Kraft, Jonathan Kraft, Rob Gronkowski, Josh McDaniels and every other one of the legion of Patriots players, coaches and executives in the mosaic down there. But my perception," the author contends, "is that the friction and fatigue were at a record high in 2017. Left unchecked, it will end [the Patriots] as we know them."

Ending on a far lighter note, the NFL's 2018 schedule is still more than a month away from being unveiled, but reports that the Patriots are still a popular team among the TV networks.

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