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News Blitz 3/21: Brady's jersey(s) found

A roundup of Patriots news

The big news today is all about Tom Brady and his no-longer missing Super Bowl jersey, and perhaps the biggest news is that it wasn't just one item of clothing that was pilfered.

According to authorities, the suspected thief snatched TB12’s jersey from this Super Bowl and the one prior. The Boston Herald provides a recap, while offers surveillance video of the alleged theft.

Meanwhile, the suspect's former employer, a Mexican media organization, has issued an apology, as the ProFootballTalk website reports.

Brady himself has chimed in as well, saying he hopes to make “something positive” out of the whole affair. The QB issued a statement through his representatives, which published in full.

The FBI was among the law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation, because the stolen goods were located overseas. In a bizarre turn, the bureau's director, who happened to be testifying to Congress on Capitol Hill yesterday, made an unfortunate admission about his personal feelings about the Patriots. The Herald has details.

Elsewhere, there's the unresolved issue of restricted free agent CB Malcolm Butler. An ESPN blog post speculates on what’s next for Butler after his recent meetings with the New Orleans Saints. A report suggests that “parameters are in place” for a Butler-to-New-Orleans deal.

Another post focuses on former Saints WR Brandin Cooks, who's now a Patriot, and what the newly-acquired Cooks could mean for New England’s offense.

Finally, another analysis examines the current Patriots roster and where there might still be areas that require upgrades.

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