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News Blitz 3/9: Another missed trade opportunity?

Today’s News Blitz brings word New England missed out another trade for a veteran defender.

A day after the Patriots reportedly missed out on a possible trade for defensive end Michael Bennett, New England apparently lost out on a chance to bring a Pro Bowl cornerback back to Foxborough.

The Boston Globe passes along a report that the Patriots and Broncos came to an impasse on a possible trade for Aqib Talib, who was then traded to the Rams. The* Globe* has word that the Bennett brothers had hopes of playing together in New England, before Martellus was released and Michael got traded from the Seahawks to the Eagles. The* Globe also notes that Tom Brady got his head shaved for charity. The *Globe Patriots notebook details special teamer Brandon King re-signing with New England prior to the start of free agency.

The Boston Herald also notes Brady’s charitable haircut. The* Herald *notes the King extension.

The Providence Journal's positional breakdowns writes about the linebacker position struggling without an injured Dont’a Hightower. writes that before he was traded to LA, Talib was indeed open to a return to New England. says King's new contract “highlights challenging dynamic for restricted FAs.” writes that former New England offensive lineman Ryan O'Callaghan would have been scared if asked about his sexual orientation at the NFL Combine. "I played football as a cover for being gay, and I thought that kind of stuff would have never gotten asked in the NFL. I always assumed the coaches would just assume everyone was straight.” has the free agency needs of every AFC team, with the Patriots holes including tackle, pass rusher and middle linebacker.'s mailbag has a theory as to why tight end Rob Gronkowski might be threatening retirement.

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