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News Blitz 4/11: Fitting in FA pieces

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Although the Patriots were rather quiet over the weekend, it's been a particularly active offseason thus far in New England. With 13 newcomers arriving since the start of the new league year on March 9, Bill Belichick was a pretty busy man throughout the month. takes a look at those 13 acquisitions and wonders how and where they might all fit in.

The draft is now less than three weeks away and takes a look at the Patriots top five needs. offers a notebook that leads with veteran free agents reaching out to past and present Patriots before signing in New England.

Despite the fact that Belichick has stated many times that there is no quarterback he'd rather have than Tom Brady, the fact that the coach called his quarterback the greatest of all time at a recent appearance has left quite an impression.

Finally, the Patriots reacted emotionally when news of the tragic death of Will Smith broke early Sunday morning. Smith spent training camp in New England in 2014 but did not make the team. Evidently he left a lasting impression in his short time in Foxborough.

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