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News Blitz 4/13: LeGarrette Blount back in fold

All of the day's Patriots news in one convenient place.

There was some activity around the Patriots in Tuesday, the most significant of which actually had been hinted at for days by the principle involved. LeGarrette Blount has been hitting social media with pics from Gillette Stadium intimating to his fans that he would be back.

On Tuesday that became official and the *Boston Globe* has the story. Blount's return shouldn’t affect the Patriots draftsays agrees.

Nate Washington spoke to reporters on Tuesday and says Willie McGinest believes the move will be good for the veteran wideout. The Globe says Washington believes he may have benefited from catching passes from many different quarterbacks over the past couple of seasons.

The draft continues to be at the center of the NFL universe and ESPN's Todd McShay offers some mock picks for the Patriots. offers their views on the best Patriots draft picks ever by round. has tackle and running back at the top of its list of needs.

In terms of some veterans on the roster, the Patriots will have some questions to deal with thinks Dominique Easley and Danny Amendola are among them. wonders what will happen next after the Deflategate appeal is decided.

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