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News Blitz 6/22: Brady sings loud and proud


It makes sense at this quietest of all points of the offseason, but coverage of the Patriots is much more about things off the field than actual football analysis these days.

Players are in the midst of time away from the team and the game, with New England stars doing some pretty notable things in their time off.

The Boston Globe notes that Devin McCourty is among a group of NFL players calling for help from President Donald Trump.

The Globe also writes that defensive end newcomer Adrian Clayborn turned heads and blockers at mini-camp earlier this month.

The NFL Players Coalition, which includes McCourty, penned an op-ed piece for the New York Times regarding people whom Trump should pardon. chats with Patriots safety and Olympian Nate Ebner about the comparisons between rugby and NFL football.

ESPN passes along a report that one of the men charged with robbing the home of Rob Gronkowski has been arraigned. has Tom Brady showing off his signing voice at a U2 concert in Boston. has the training camp reporting dates for all 32 teams, with the Patriots first public practice set to come on July 26. also released the top 10 players who’ll be unveiled in order on Monday night in the finale installment of the annual rundown of the top 100 players, and Brady is obviously in the mix.

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