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News Blitz 6/22: Harris in the house

A roundup of Patriots news

There's really only one dominant Patriots news story today, and that's the reported signing (it still hasn't been confirmed by the team) of veteran linebacker David Harris, the long-time New York Jet.

"He's 33 years old, the tank isn't full, but it still has a lot of gas left in it," Tedy Bruschi says in part.

"In a way, it's so perfect, so Jets. Harris wasn't good enough for a tanking team, yet he was coveted by the defending Super Bowl champions," the author writes derisively. Similar sentiments are expressed in a New York Post column, mocking the Jets for letting Harris come to New England.

"Harris will be a perfect fit in [head coach Bill] Belichick's no-nonsense culture," the piece adds. "Harris had several suitors, according to a source, but ultimately felt like the Patriots were the best fit for him. It will be interesting to see how the Patriots use Harris."

*The Boston Globe* and *Boston Herald* use Bill Belichick's own words, from years ago, to piece together in their respective stories why New England would be interested in Harris. takes a top-to-bottom look at the Patriots’ linebacker roster with the addition of Harris, and a column ponders how Harris might impact his teammates’ roles on defense once they take the field.

One other note to close out today… Patriots WR Malcolm Mitchell, known for his book club participation in college, now has a children’s book deal of his own, as The New York Times details.

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