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News Blitz 8/2: Patriots show some camp fight

Today’s News Blitz has full recaps of Tuesday’s return to practice action, including the first real fight of the summer.

Patriots fans are well aware that feisty slot receiver Julian Edelman is never going to back down.

Now the same might be said for newcomer cornerback Stephon Gilmore, the biggest free-agent addition in New England history.

As the Boston Globe notes, the two players got into a fight in practice on Tuesday, resulting in both players being kicked out and sent to the locker room early by Bill Belichick. The Globe offers a close-up view if the scuffle.

The Boston Herald declares that Chris Hogan is shaping up as a dangerous fourth option for Brady and the passing game. The Herald also looks at newcomer tight end Dwayne Allen working hard to show New England exactly what he’s capable of. The Herald breaks down the Edelman vs. Gilmore fight, while one of the paper's columnists has an interesting take on the possible root of the scuffle.

The Providence Journal *observes that Allen has put his spring practice troubles behind him at this point. The *ProJo writes that McClellin hopes to follow Rob Ninkovich’s lead in his second season in Foxborough. The ProJo also has speedy, young receiver Brandin Cooks acknowledging his amazement at what Brady is doing as the QB prepares to turn 40 on Thursday. The ProJo's training camp observations focus on the Edelman-Gilmore “brawl.” breaks down why Belichick threw a blocking pad at Brady in Tuesday practice, and it wasn't out of anger. explains why Belichick has a rule automatically ejecting players who fight at practice. also wonders if McClellin could help the Patriots cope with Ninkovich’s retirement.'s Scouts' View series looks at the most underrated Patriots, including one anonymous NFL executive saying of guard Shaq Mason, “[Logan] Mankins was the gold standard for Bill, but when all is said and done, it could be this kid." also has Belichick saying that Kony Ealy is building his versatility early on in his time in New England, while the site also David Harris talking about his jump from the Jets to the Patriots.'s winners and lowers from early summer camp action includes Ninkovich as a winner for his unique and impressive retirement press conference. ranks Brady, James White and Rob Gronkowski as the No. 7 best trio in the league right now.

USA Today has the Steelers talking about what went wrong in last winter’s AFC title game and vowing that it won't happen again against the Brady-led Patriots.

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