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News Blitz 8/4: Goats for a G.O.A.T

Today’s News Blitz includes full coverage of Tom Brady’s birthday as well as New England’s Thursday practice action.

What do you get a man who seemingly has everything he could ever want on and off the field?

Apparently, goats.

The Boston Globe that the Patriots had five goats on hand at practice on Thursday to celebrate Tom Brady's 40th birthday. The Globe also says that Brady is as brilliant as ever, while noting that a Massachusetts brewery celebrated the quarterback’s birthday in the labeling of some the beer it brewed yesterday.

On the field, the Globe looks at a busy day of practice for newcomer running back Rex Burkhead. The *Globe *also writes about kicker Stephen Gostkowski looking to bounce back from a tough 2017 season.

Boston Herald columnist Steve Buckley wishes everyone good luck in trying to figure out what the future holds for Brady. The Herald's Inside Track notes a Brady birthday party that took place without the quarterback at Faneuil Hall in Boston. The *Herald *says that the duo of Malcolm Butler and free agent addition Stephon Gilmore are giving Bill Belichick exactly what he wants at cornerback. The *Herald *declares that with all the work that defensive tackle Vincent Valentine has put in, his day will soon come. The *Herald *also looks at second-year wide receiver Devin Lucien’s fight for a roster spot in New England.

The* Providence Journal* says that Brady’s milestone birthday’s a spectacle, but worth celebrating. The ProJo's practice report notes that Brady and other veteran teammates took it easy at Thursday’s workout. The ProJo writes about second-year running back D.J. Foster trying to prove his worth this summer.

ESPN has a story from saying that Brady will be bad…eventually. ESPN also has some Jets paying their respects to Brady on his birthday.

Yahoo sports offers an in-depth preview of a Patriots team that it says seems to “want perfection.” explains why some Patriots fans got playoff tickets included with their season tickets this season…and it's has nothing to do with the team being cocky or obnoxious. 

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