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News Blitz 9/19: Jimmy G's injury

A roundup of Patriots news.

Yes, the Patriots are 2-0 after an important AFC East victory over Miami on Sunday, but most of the news this Monday is about the status of New England's quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, after he suffered what looked like a severe shoulder injury in the late second quarter.

According to the Boston Herald, however, Garoppolo may be in better shape than originally feared.

"Sprained AC joints [which Garoppolo is believed to have suffered] are fairly common, and players can usually return within 1-2 weeks," the Herald states. "When the swelling subsides, it's all about treatment and pain management."

An story corroborates the* Herald* account that it's a sprained AC joint in Garoppolo’s throwing shoulder.

The* Herald's neighbors at The Boston Globe* compile a list of available free agent quarterbacks who might be tabbed to join the Patriots as Jacoby Brissett's backup on Thursday night when New England hosts Houston.

However, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels says it remains to be seen what the Patriots will do with regard to the QB position before Thursday night's game, as ESPN's blog details.

"I’m not sure exactly what the situation is going to be, I think a lot of that will be determined later today relative to Jimmy's whole situation and what it's going to be. I'm sure if he can't play or back up, then we'll be going through that process today," McDaniels told Boston radio station WEEI Monday morning.

"I haven't heard anything yet this morning exactly what that's going to be, but I'm sure we'll be on that quick. It's a short week, we're going to have work hard to get somebody ready to go in case that does happen, if that situation does come up, we'll have somebody ready to roll."

Meanwhile, The Providence Journal examines how the Patriots managed to hold on to a 31-24 win, thanks in large part to LeGarrette Blount. The running back’s 123 rushing yards were critical to New England's success Sunday.

"I just try my best to work hard. Make sure I seize every opportunity that I get," Blount said afterward. "Do everything I can that is going to work out best for the team. And I made sure I did my job. The offensive line played amazing, they're going to continue to do that, I'm sure. They opened up a lot of big holes for me to run through."

On the other side of the ball, after allowing 28-point lead to be trimmed to just seven, the defense is being criticized by some in the media. A Boston Herald columnist declares that New England’s D isn’t living up to its hype.

"The larger concern in the long term though is that in nine second-half drives in the first two games, both victories," the writer explains, "the defense has allowed five touchdowns and a missed 47-yard field goal on a botched snap."

However, despite the obstacles, the 2-0 Patriots are building character by overcoming adversities, according to a columnist.

"Sometimes, it takes weeks and months for a team to bond and figure out what its character will be," says the scribe. "The 2014 [Super Bowl-winning] team didn't truly coalesce until after the loss to Green Bay and the subsequent week spent out in San Diego. This team is getting welded together right now."

Elsewhere, down in Miami, the feeling is that the Dolphins failed to capitalize on an opportunity when they knocked Garoppolo out of the game.

"While the loss doesn't mean Adam Gase's team is destined to fail the rest of the season or have no hope of improving at some point, it does mean his team is not special," the author opines.

Of course, for the most thorough and insightful analysis of New England's win over Miami, go no further than where you are. Here on, we've got everything covered from print to video and even audio breakdowns of the game.

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