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Patriots Cheerleaders Alexandria and Amber traveled overseas to visit our troops. Check out these great photos from their trip!

Veteran Cheerleaders, Amber and Alex, spent the early part of December visiting US troops at various military bases throughout Singapore, Diego Garcia and Bahrain. Amber and Alex spent ten days touring with Cheerleaders from the Baltimore Ravens, St. Louis Rams and alumni NFL players, Tony Parrish and Eddie Kennison. During their time in Singapore, the ladies had the opportunity to visit with members of the United States Navy and experience the island's exciting culture. The middle portion of their trip was spent in Diego Garcia where they met members from all branches of the military, toured the different operational facilities, and participated in a Punt, Pass, and Kick Football Clinic. They concluded the final leg of their tour in Bahrain visiting troops and their families at multiple bases including Pat V and ISA. While in Bahrain, Amber and Alex helped conduct a cheerleading clinic for children who live on base. Thank you, ProTour Productions and Armed Forces Entertainment, for inviting Alex and Amber to be a part of this incredible experience.

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